Top 10 Life Lesson Books For Teens


Books can be a person’s best friend. By sitting at a place, one can read and learn from life lesson books and discover so much about the world around them. Unfortunately, in today’s life, people are so busy in the virtual world of social media that they hardly read anything. Or even if they read they prefer reading it from kindle or any other social media platform. However, reading books is very comforting and enriching, and thus the following benefits have been mentioned.

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Benefits of reading books

Increases Attention

In today’s world, maximum teenagers face this issue of attention. They can hardly stick to one thing for a long span of time because they lose interest very often as while working on the mobile phone too many things happen simultaneously, but when one is reading a book the only look at the words they are reading and try to acknowledge it.

Source of Knowledge

Books are the source of knowledge, specially life lesson books. It has always been so and it will continue to be so in the coming decades as well. Today we get information from many sources whether that be social media, or some websites. But where do you think those websites acquire knowledge from? Obviously books. And the knowledge acquired from books is not forgetful rather it is sustainable.

Evolves Imagination

When you are watching a movie you often get completely involved and engrossed in it. The same happens when one is reading a book. The book happens to create a world in which people often forget where they are presently and start imagining a lot of scenes in their mind. So basically, books evolve the imaginative power in a person.

Creative writing

Reading books makes one creative and subjective. It makes one understand the depth of words and how to interact with people in an impersonal manner when needed. Moreover, a writer is someone who knows exactly how to grab the attention of the readers.


Increases Concentration

Books help increase concentration. In order to do so, read a genre that excites you the most and then get into it totally. After that no matter what work you do it will bring the concentration automatically.

Top 10 Life Lesson books for teens

Life lesson books not only help us in life but also help shape and mould our personality. They make us unique from others and give us a meaning to live on and not leave or give up.


Ikigai refers to a long and happy life in Japanese. This book is a short description of a person’s purpose of life or meaning to one’s life. This is a peaceful book with important life lessons for a happy and purposeful life..

The alchemist

It’s a wonderful life lesson book on simplicity which provides inspiring wisdom. The writer fabulously describes a boy who happened to travel, got to know different cultures and how he managed to live with all that.

To kill a mockingbird

This book is based on hypocrisy, human attitude towards caste, racism, and all that a teenager needs to know while growing up. The best part of the book is the experience, how one deals with all these and still happens to be right and happy in their own zone.

The perks of being a wallflower

This book is based on a teenager going through his own trauma and how he recovers from it. It a wonderful book which also has a movie based on the plot of the book.


The 5 am club

Almost everyone’s parents have scolded them for not getting up early in the morning. This is on of the most popular life lesson books based on the early morning routines set by an individual. It shows how that helps him increase his productivity, performance and along with that gives immense pleasure in doing whatever he thinks of doing.

Take in the good

This life lesson book promotes a positive approach to life and how to maintain the positivity throughout life. It teaches us to try and stay away from negative vibes, emotions, and inner thoughts and rather focus on the positive ones.

The power of our subconscious mind

We often don’t understand our own psyche. We often feel confused and in-between of everything because we never come across the actual workings of our mind. This book is written by Dr Joseph Murphy who beautifully elaborated on the importance of our subconscious mind and how to control it or make it work. Once you understand your subconscious, you will achieve all that you ever desired to have.

Good vibes, good life

While growing up, often teenagers get distracted by the wrong means, influence, and company. This life lesson book is all about how to be positive from within and how to understand or rather eliminate negativity from life.

Attitude is everything

This book is a must-read as it gives one the motivation to work towards their aim in life and prove themselves. If they have a static attitude towards working on their goal they can achieve anything and everything. Just focus and there you go.

Learning how to fly

It’s one of the best inspirational life lesson books, written by A.P.J. Abdul kalam. In this book, he mentioned the secret of life and the struggles one will be going through. Along with that, he also mentioned that one needs to keep on going and never give up on their hopes or dreams. Youth is the coming generation and the only hope for a better world. So if you want to fly start with yourself first.



The above mentioned books are some of the best life lesson books for individuals of all age. Books are important for the growth and stimulation of a human being and we hope these books do just that for you. Happy reading!