Health Benefits Of Fruits For Teens


Fruits such as apple, banana, watermelon, orange, lemon, and pomegranate are an extremely important and beneficial addition to a teen’s diet.

Teenage is said to be the age where a person goes through a lot, starting from physical changes to internal changes. Above all, the need for nutrition also happens to differ from that during childhood and increases. This age is also said to be complicated as one goes through a roller-coaster emotional ride where they need to handle themselves better in every way possible.

Why fruits and not a particular vegetable?

Often we hear a teenager nagging about not eating a particular vegetable and because of that not eating at all. However, we haven’t seen anyone saying no to fruits. This is because vegetables have different tastes and not everyone prefers all sorts of vegetables. But when it comes to fruits, people often feel free to taste and experience. As it’s a fruit, it will either be sweet or sour but not bitter or smelly.

fruits for teens

Why Should Teens Eat Fruits?

Contains both vitamins and minerals

Fruits are beneficiary not because of the sweetness it provides but because of the quality of nutrients that it contains. Doctors suggest or rather advise to eat fruits on a daily basis as they contain all the minerals and vitamins which will help one to stay fit and active. Even if one has only fruits for a meal, they can survive and work without any issue until the next meal.

No fat, only fiber

Teenagers are very concerned about their body weight and they often find it difficult to maintain. Some join the gym, some start taking an artificial shake to stay fit and healthy, some happens to start taking medicines for losing weight, but fruits are a natural process of not gaining weight. Those who like doing diet are suggested to have a maximum of fruits in a day so that they don’t get fatigued and can work without any problem.


Protect from diseases

Often whenever we visit a hospital out of courtesy the first thing which comes to our mind while giving someone a treat is fruits, a basket of fruits as doctors say that when one is facing a disease they must eat fruit more, as it gives strength to fight the disease, it uplifts the mood of an individual and makes them feel okay or a bit better as well.

Numerous flavors and lots of choices

There are so many choices that a person can never get over fruits that easily. It is of different flavors just like ice cream and one cannot get enough of any of the fruits.

Easy and quick meal

Fruit is not something one has to cook and then eat. It’s a natural ready-made process, just wash the fruit and eat it raw. One can do so many experiments with fruits like using it in a juice, smoothie, pancake, as toppings, etc.

Helps to release stress

A teenager has too many things to be stressed about and their hormonal changes bring these sudden mood swings and heaviness which they often don’t understand how to deal with. Fruits are the best stress releaser as it happens to calm them and make them feel a little better.

Must-eat fruits for teens


Apples contain rich fiber which gives strength to the muscles and acts as food for the brain to work efficiently and effectively. It keeps the body balance and it also helps in weight loss. It’s one of easy-to-eat fruits where there is no need to peel the skin of it as that skin is beneficial too. It contains potassium, and calcium as well.


This fruit is very popular as available in all seasons and is considered as one of the best remedies for digestion, clear and healthy intestine. It also contains protein which provides strength. Eating bananas every day will keep an individual’s stomach happy and healthy, as the maximum of the diseases are caused by constipation so if that is clear then one may live peacefully.



It’s one of the most popular summer season fruits with a juicy texture. This fruit helps in blood circulation and the amount of hemoglobin in the body. It is the best fruit during summer as it keeps one hydrated and also uplifts the mood and releases stress too.


One might not like eating it raw but this fruit goes with all, in liquid form. It generates energy in the body and also keeps it hydrate. It contains vitamin C that is an antioxidant and prevents the body from any disease.


Often known as the full package food. It has all that a body needs to stay fit and fabulous starting with vitamins k which are good for blood cells. This is one of the fruits which help in increasing the blood and cell and healthy blood flow as well.


A lot of teenagers are diagnosed with kidney stones every year. Orange has the benefits that prevent such diseases. It is sweet flavored and is a good source of vitamins B and C.


Thus, fruits are a must in every teenager’s diet. They provide ample vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep teens hearty and healthy. Happy fruit-eating!