7 Foods that Help your Body Heal after giving Birth


Your body is weak and needs to recuperate after pregnancy. And, eating healthy can help your body get stronger after child birth. Read on for a list of foods that can help your body heal after giving birth.

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7 Body Healing Foods After Giving Birth

Motherhood is a joyous phase in the lives of every woman. However, you need to take adequate care of your health during this time. It is necessary to take iron-rich food along with your diet. The requirement of oxygen in blood increases in the body during this phase. Therefore, you need to focus more on your nutrition. You should consult a physician to get a recommendation about the diets. Read on to know seven essential foods that will help your body to heal after giving birth.

Red meat

Red meat is one of the most common foods you need to take after giving birth to a child. The body undergoes stress during pregnancy and you should supplement the lost nutrients. Red meat contains substantial amounts of iron and helps the body to gain energy. At this stage, you should also focus on the immune system of your body. New mothers are prone to various diseases and infections. Red meat supplies iron to the body, strengthening the cells to develop the necessary immunity power.


One of the most common problems for mothers after childbirth is that they feel weak. You can have chicken for lunch to deal with this problem. It helps to supplement the lost iron from your body. Mothers often tire off easily and feel short of breath. The body suffers a lot of blood during delivery, particularly if you go for a C-section birth. Chicken is a good source of iron, replenishing the body with the desired level of iron. It makes you feel energetic in the post-delivery days.


Lentils consist of a variety of pulses. They are essential for the body after childbirth, as they are refined with high nutritional value. They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, besides fibres and proteins. The body can digest lentils easily and doctors often prescribe particular varieties of good health. Apart from boosting up the immunity system in the body, they also provide fibre to the system. It is essential to maintain a smooth bowel movement and prevent constipation.


healing food

Green leafy vegetable

Leafy, green vegetables are essential foods for new mothers as they help the body to heal faster. You should incorporate these vegetables in your diet, preferably, with lunch. Vegetables like gourd, spinach, beans, broccoli and beans carry high nutritional value, essential for the body to regain the lost nutrients. These are also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The body needs minerals like calcium and iron during this time. You should have kidney beans, dark in colour to get good volumes of iron.


Oats contain a variety of nutrients and is one of the best foods to maintain the necessary iron levels in the body. After delivery, you should include oats in your diet chart, especially for breakfast. Apart from iron, oats contain other nutrients as well. These are carbohydrates, calcium, proteins and fibre. You can keep away problems like constipation when you have fibre-rich foods. Drop pieces of mangoes, apples or bananas into oats to increase the food value.


Another food you should not miss out is almonds. It is a tasty item, that you can consume in soaked form, or by pairing it with other foods like oats. It carries important minerals, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E. You can also drop almonds in milk shakes to boost up the taste and food value. Apart from immense health benefits, almonds also enhance your beauty.

Iron supplements

Physicians often recommend iron supplements to new mothers. When the deficiency of iron in the body is high, it has to be supplemented externally. Breastfeeding mothers fall short of iron, which is necessary to produce oxygen in the blood. On an average, a new mother needs around 30-50 mg iron in her diet. If you feel that the nutritional value in your diet is falling short to boost up your immunity and energy levels, opt for iron supplements after having your doctor’s recommendation.

With these, we conclude the list of essential foods that can assist your body to heal after giving childbirth. It is necessary to pay attention to your health while you look after your child. Include these foods in your diet to enjoy the best of health as a new mother.