13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do


A mentally strong kid is not born that way. It takes lots of efforts on part of the parents to inculcate things in a child to make him/her mentally strong and sound. Infact parents need to be mentally strong as well so that their kid has the same quality.

Mentioned below are certain things that mentally strong parents will not do:

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do

1. The child is not treated as the center of the universe

Children who think that they are kind of center of universe for parents become entitled and self-absorbed. Parents who are mentally strong will ask the kids to concentrate on how they can contribute to the world.

2. They don’t give in to victim mentality

The child does not become a victim if he fails in class or gets rejected from the cricket team. Instead of making the child feel victimized, parents with strong mentality will teach the kid to turn the struggle into strength. The child learns to take positive actions even in difficult circumstances.

3. Children should not overpower parents

Some children are so adamant that they make their parents do what they want. Letting the child being a boss over parents is not healthy. Parents should teach kids to make proper choices without breaking the hierarchy and family norms.

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4. They will not parent out of guilt

Guilty feelings in parents make them do lots of things, which are actually not good for the growth and development of the child. This feeling is uncomfortable, but strong parents tolerate the same and make wise choices which are beneficial for the kid on the long run.

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5. Fear does not dictate the choices in mentally strong parents

Parents with strong mentality will be guides to their kids and not protectors. The kids are left to face the world on their own and gather experience. In times of problems and crisis, definitely parents help, but the kids are not kept inside a safety bubble.

6. Don’t shield the kid from pain and suffering

Kids will struggle with anxiety and hurt feelings, but they have to learn to overcome these by themselves. Mentally strong parents will help their kids in such difficult times for sure, but the main problem tackling has to be done by the kid himself. This helps them in gaining confidence for dealing with hardships of life.

7. Strong parents do not demand perfection

Expectations are normal and natural, but too much expectation is not good. Mentally strong parents know that their kid will not be a winner in everything they do. Instead of pushing them for being the best; help making them the best version of themselves.

8. They don’t let the kid shun responsibility

Mentally strong parents will never teach kids to shun responsibility. Rather they are encouraged to take up responsibilities and assign them with duties that are suitable for their age and ability. This helps the kids in becoming responsible citizens.


9. Don’t prevent kids from making errors

Mistakes and errors are the greatest teachers in life. Mentally strong parents will let the kid mess up and then let them face the effect of the mess up too. This becomes a learning lesson for the kid, which he remembers lifetime. Learning from one’s own mistakes is the biggest learning.

10. Don’t feel responsible for the emotions of the child

It is normal for parents to comfort their kids when they are sad or hurt. This is kind of regulating the emotions of the kids and this prevents development of emotional and social skills. Mentally strong parents will let the kids be responsible for their own emotions so that they can handle it better on their own.

11. Do not encourage shortcuts in any manner

Shortcuts help in getting things done in simple and easy ways. But these are unhealthy habits and children should not be encouraged taking such paths.

12. Parents should lose sight of their values

In this hectic world of today, maintaining values is not that easy. Mentally strong parents will make sure that such values are retained inspite of the various obstacles and barriers. They try to instill the values in the kids as well.

13. They don’t mix punishment and discipline

Mentally strong parents will emphasize on developing self-discipline in kids, though it might seem to be bit severe at times. But this is not punishment in any way and should not be confused with discipline.

Now, that you know a few of the many things that mentally strong parents do not do, you could follow these tips and inculcate them in your parenting ways! Happy parenting.