25 Therapeutic Activities For Teens To Increase Positive Thinking


Changes in behavior, way of thinking, and identity are common during teenage. But in some teens, these changes could lead to socio-emotional issues like self-doubt, depression, secrecy, and isolation. Parents can help the teen to overcome the issues through therapeutic activities.


25 Therapeutic Activities For Teens To Increase Positive Thinking


It helps individuals to express their feelings, moods, thoughts, and beliefs. For any teen filled with emotions, this activity will work on creating self-awareness by identification and expression of feelings. It can be done by creating a playlist of favorite songs.


Noting down activities is a powerful tool to help teens come out with their feelings. It helps the expression of sensitive emotions that might be difficult to convey verbally. Such activities can help the teen gain a better perspective of the emotions while also building confidence and self-esteem.


Talking is a basic way of expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It allows a teen to be comfortable with parents and build a strong, trusting relationship. This talking can be done through a walk.


This simple activity is often used as an icebreaker and helps identify and recognize fears and negative thoughts which helps in develop confidence, self-esteem, and trust in teens. This activity suits better with a group where members are familiar with each other. Ask the teens to write their deepest and darkest fears on paper, then read it aloud and guess who wrote it.


Mindful speaking

It is a great therapeutic activity that focuses on communication and mindfulness in participants. These two skills are essential for the management of emotions in teens.

Spot the strength

This group activity aims to help teens identify and recognize psychological or character strengths in themselves and others. It even enables one to receive feedback about the strength of others.

Gratitude mapping

This engaging activity gives the teen a chance to be creative while expressing. It provides a chance to focus on positive emotions derived from positive aspects of life.

Two truths and a lie

This activity is great fun when group members are familiar with one another. The activity allows each member to share three things about themselves, of which two are true and one is a lie and other members need to separate the lie from the truths. This activity helps the opportunity to learn exciting things about each other.


This art therapy activity is a self-discovery exercise that can be used for individuals or groups. The activity helps teens express negative feelings or conflicting opinions to someone without having to say it to them. It might help dissuade the fear to face communication among teens which can be done on postcards.

Creative collage

It is an amusing and engaging therapeutic exercise. In this activity, teens create a visual representation of the core beliefs and values through imagination and creativity. Realizing core values is important as it helps develop coping strategies that are vital to guard mental health.


Alter the photo

This activity helps boost the self-esteem of teens by providing innovative ways to self-express. During the alteration of the image, the teen also vents out the emotions and alleviating the stress.

Creating sculptures

Sculpture making is a fantastic addition to art therapy activities as it enables teens to express themselves through constructive creativity. Besides, it helps in coping with stress, anxiety, and other external pressures.

Paint the journal

Some teens have difficulty expressing themselves verbally. There is a writing diary or journal to express. But self-expression is not limited to words. Painting can also help to connect with emotions and express them effectively. It will eventually boost confidence and self-esteem.


This music activity facilitates the expression of emotions and provides an outlet for teens with depression.

Select the music

This activity used for teens with difficulties in emotion management and self-regulation. Meditative practice helps teens develop self-awareness and acceptance.

Musical emotions

This music therapy activity works in a group setting and helps teenagers identify and express emotions. It also helps a teen understand the way other teens/individuals could show the same emotion.



It helps a teen to express emotions constructively. It improves mental capabilities like self-regulation and positive social interaction.

Happiest memory

This engaging and joyful activity enables a teen to focus on the positive memories of the time spent with the family. Remembering such happy memories can help a teen to stay positive. This activity also gives each family member a chance to know the different perspectives associated with the same memory/incident.

Candy go around

This fun and engaging activity support interaction among teen and family members. Candies are distributed and sort by color. Each color is a topic the teen responds to.


It is symbolic, simplified yet the detailed graphic representation of a teen’s family in generations, it can be used to represent a teen’s relationship with each family member and vice-versa. This technique could be used to manage emotional relationships and identify the strengths and weaknesses the family shares.


Drama or play can be done for teens for positivity.


Outdoor and indoor games can be played for engaging in activities.



Short trips can be planned with loved ones.

College activities

Teens should participate in activities and fests to explore talents.


Certain motivating, encouraging sessions to built positivity can be done at home by parents or therapists.


Therapeutic activities are an essential tool to help a teen overcome socio-emotional barriers that might be impacting mental health. These activities can be done to have a positive thinking and attitude.

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