11 Best Protein Powder for Teens


During adolescence a lot of bodily changes occur in teenagers. They become more cautious about their look, fitness, shape, size, weights etc. they want to look and be superior rather than being inferior. A sort of competitive thing arise that if she can look like that why not I.

Age group of around 13 to 19 are called as teenagers. This period is known to be one of the toughest period in anyone’s life. A lot of changes occur, bodily, emotionally, mentally and they have to deal with these emotions and have to deal with different complexities. This age is said to be the toughest because in this particular time span one either builds himself or may destroy himself for ever. Parents around the world gets tense during this time span because there are children who never shares any of their feelings with anyone in the family. And this teen phase of life is full of ups and downs regarding health, emotional support, friends circle, communication gap and so on.

Now, let us talk about health. Health has always been one of the major issue and something to look over again and again. Teenagers face a lot of health issues in this period basically as they are growing they need more attention towards their physical and mental health. They need proper diet. In this period according to survey many teenagers feel weak and they fail to bridge the balance between their life style, school and their health along with all this.

Being healthy and staying healthy is totally different issue. The reality is teenagers rather than being healthy they choose to look healthy not healthy slim and fit. Complexities are hard to deal with and for many it is next to impossible. Being slim and having perfectly a zero figure what girls dream of and they try to do their level best in such case as well. They give their heart and soul to fit in a dress which is pretty as well as makes them look slim. And boys goes through having a body builder type of muscles which will ,make them look superior and they’ll be able to handle manly stuff all around.

All these are the main issue teens goes through and they try to deal with this by joining gym, having protein shake. But those who are athlete and tend to work hard by choosing something physical for themselves need this type of energy boaster. An athlete has to go through a lot to achieve something which they dream of. And even their parents are really very supportive in this area. Starting from the adolescence period and choosing that for life that too in the very right track what every youngster should think and should do.

Today’s youngster have all the basic knowledge about everything through smartphone, laptop, internet and for them finding something is not at all a hard work to do. They are capable enough of knowing stuff and planning that in their manner. Different types of exercise, proper diet, what to do and what not to do, and the most important part here comes which protein shake to have. Mother provides us milk from our childhood but while growing up many teens starts hating the smell of milk thus they want to get rid of that because of which some protein shakes are necessary to continue having the component like ion, vitamin, calcium etc. all these are present in some protein shakes.


What is protein powder?

Protein powder is exactly what everyone thinks it to be, in general word it is powered proteins. It contains protein which helps in growth and gives strength to a body. It contains all those ingredients a teen will need to have a proper and fit growth with. According to mothers milk is the best protein shake one should have but protein powder also contains milk in them around 30 – 40%.

What does protein powder do?

What one has through his whole meal by eating different food items, protein shake sums them up. As we know that proteins are really very much needed for every individual to do his day to day works without any health issues. Protein shakes provides them all. It’s main purpose is to provide all the necessary nutrient to one’s body. It helps in tissue growth, muscle growth and the entire repairing and rebuilding task.

Protein Powder for Teens

protein powder for teens

  • Whey protein; isolate chocolate

This protein shake is entirely fat free. Both girls and boys can have this shake. This powder is lactose free. It helps in muscle building

  • Optimum nutrition; whey protein

This helps in maintain and increase the lean muscle mass. It contains amino acid and glutamine peptides.

  • Herbalife personalized protein powder

This protein shake helps the teen to boast themselves and increase their metabolism. It contains soy protein isolate, whey protein and starch.

  • BSN syntha

It indulges muscles protein synthesis. It contains fiber and essential amino acids.

  • Dymatize nutrition elite

This provides the ideal mix of essential and non essential amino acids. This have low amount of carbohydrates.

  • Amway nutrilite protein

This helps in repairing tissues through the essential and non essential presence of amino acid. It contains high level of protein and also calcium.

  • GNC PP

This protein powder helps in muscle recovery and growth. It has ultra microfiltered whey protein.

  • Mirco creatine powder

It promotes muscle saturation. This will help in increasing physical stamina. It will also enhance muscle strength.

  • Muscle pharm combat powder

This powder tends to increase physical performance, muscle time and strength. It should be taken with proper diet and exercise.

  • Invigo nutritional powder

This is a whey and also protein food supplement. It is rich in essential vitamins, this also contains folic and amino acid which will boast the teenagers immunity.

  • Less naked nutrition

This contains amino acid which will help in boasting the core strength and will also boast stamina.