101 Strong and Powerful Baby Boy Names


Often times, the name of a person resembles their character and personality. Most of the parents look for strong and powerful names to name their children. If you are looking for strong and powerful names for your little boy, here are 101 best strong baby boy names.

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Top 101 Strong Names for Baby Boy

Names Origin Meaning
Brandon Irish A brave and vigilant person
Briac Irish He who has force and strength
Brion Irish A strong man with many virtues
Brisan Irish Man of valor and strength, another variation is “Brison.”
Bry Irish A man of strength power and strength
Bryan Irish Courageous and virtuous. Alternatively, use “Bryon or Brye.”
Cadal Irish The boy with a warrior’s heart
Cathal Irish Mighty great warrior
Caylon Irish Powerful on the battlefield
Caysee Irish Young, courageous boy
Cayson Irish A brave and vigilant boy
Conall Irish A hound-like, mighty warrior
Conley Irish The hero of the people
Connacht Irish Fearless and brave
Connors Irish A strong-willed man, you can call him “Conny” for short
Cuchulainn Irish A warrior hero
Diarmuid Irish Warrior who does not envy. A variant of the name is “Diarmid.”
Dillen Irish As mighty as a lion
Donley Irish Ruler of the world
Donner Irish A dark warrior whose strength is like a thunder
Donovan Irish Strong fighter
Eames Irish A rich protector
Eamon Irish One who saves
Eason Irish Protector
Eegan Irish Mighty and powerful
Eibhear Irish As strong as stone
Eohric Irish A powerful ruler
Farol Irish Superior and heroic
Farrel Irish Brave and victorious
Feargal Irish Brave and courageous. A similar variant is “Fergal.”
Fearghus Irish A man of great strength
Ferguson Irish The son of rock. Other similar names are “Fergus, Fergie, and Feoras.”
Hasson Irish Strong or Fortress
Keenan Irish Descendant of the brave one
Keoni Irish Young warrior
Leeam Irish A willful warrior
Liam Irish Strong-willed warrior and protector
Liir Irish Resolute protector
Lorcan Irish Little but fierce warrior
Lyam Irish Determined protector
Madyson Irish A warrior’s Son
Mahon Irish A man with the strength of a bear. Also, a variant of “Mahoney.”
Manus Irish The greatest
Nigellus Irish Overcomer or conqueror
Njal Irish He who wins contests
Oneal Irish Victor
Osred Irish A red-haired warrior
Peadar Irish One who is like rock or stone
Shashaw Irish One who defends
Slone Irish Warrior to be
Sweeney Irish A little hero
Tiergan Irish Willingly strong
Tullis Irish Multitude of powerful people
Tuuli Irish Mighty, strong people
Adelard German Strength
Alard German Noble strength
Alberic German supernaturally powerful
Albern German Of Noble valor
Alois German Famous warrior
Aloysisus German Famous warrior
Amell German Power of an eagle
Bahr German A mighty and strong bear
Barrett German Bear strength
Beneger German Warrior who fights with a spear
Bernard or Barry German Brave
Berowalt German Mighty as a bear
Berthoud German Bright strength
Charles German Strong Man
Chlodwig German A famous warrior
Conrad German Brave and able to fight in tough situations
Dick German A brave and powerful person
Diedrich German A mighty ruler
Eawart German Brave and courageous
Eberhardt German Strong as a wild boar
Ebert German Strong
Emerson German Strong and powerful leader
Erl German Warrior
Herbert or Herbie German An illustrious warrior
Maynard German Brave, hardy and strong
William German Strong-willed warrior
Akinlawon African Bravery sustains them
Akinsegun African Valor conquers
Akinwole African Valor enters the house
Akoni African Brave warrior
Aitan African It means strong
Dulana African Superior strength
Ekon African Strong
Haidar African Lion
Hamza African Lion
Jabari African Brave
Mukanda African Strong cord
Mwamba African Strong
Nassor African Victorious
Obike African Strong household
Shomari African Forceful
Simba African The strength of a lion
Tau African Lion
Yusuf African He shall add to his powers
Zoputan African Protector


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