7 Health Benefits of Soaked Dates for Children


Nature has always been a source of some immensely beneficial plants. One of the gifts of nature is date palms. They are a gift to mankind as they cater to the complete nutritional needs of human body. Dates have been the staple food for the Indus valley  and the Mid-East  since decades. They are said to have originated in Iraq, but these multi-beneficiary fruit are now a source of good health all over the world. They are primarily grown in the sandy loam soil of Iraq, Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iran and Sudan. The Date palm plant caters to various needs. Its fruit is widely used. But, the sap, fruit cluster, seed and leaves also have some significant uses.

Dates have a very high nutritional value. Every 100 g of dates provides around 1178 kj energy, 75.03 g carbohydrates, 0.39g fats, 2.45g proteins, Vitamins A, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin E and Vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Soaked Dates for Children: 7 Health Benefits

benefits of soaked dates for kids

Childhood is the stage of growth, so it needs ample amount of nutrients. All the nutrients cannot be extracted from a 3 course meal. So, let’s look into the benefits of soaked dates for children:

Combats intestinal problems and stomach problems

Children are prone to many intestinal and stomach problems due to the habit of eating lots of junk food. So, they must be given soaked dates every morning. It is a highly fibrous fruits, so it helps to combat constipation. It also contains nicotine which is considered as a great medicine for intestinal disorders. It also controls the growth of harmful microbes and facilitates the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. Even in case of acidity one must eat dates as they give out alkaline residue. Dysentery which is caused by bacterial infection in children can also be avoided by giving some dates daily. Dates also carry anti-cancer property. So, dates will resist your child from any of these problems.

Boasts immunity

Dates should be included daily in the diet, as in the tender age, they are not aware of the ways to take care of their body. So they end up being in touch of harmful germs. Dates contain a good amount of free radicals and These help the body of the child to fight many infectious bacteria. Thus, providing the child with a stronger immune system. The improvised immunity provided by this fruit keeps them away from such germs and gives them the gift of a healthy childhood.


Gives energy

Childhood is the time to eat play and grow. Children need a lot of energy to complete their daily schedule. They are involved in various activities as well. The daily 3 course meal may not be sufficient to provide enough energy. So, children can be given soaked dates every morning to cater to the energy demand of the body. Dates contain natural sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose. If we draw a rough estimate, every 50g of dates provides around 590 kj of energy as it contains 35g carbohydrates and 0.19g fats. So, you can easily draw a conclusion about how important dates are.

Strong teeth

In the initial stages of teeth growth, if a child is given soaked dates, his growing teeth get ample exercise. This little exercise helps in the growth of stronger teeth and gums of your little one. Soaked dates also little soft so they won’t hurt the gums of the child. Moreover, dates are fiber- rich food, so it keeps the saliva flowing. This creates a layer of mineral defense on the tooth, which avoids any kind of decay or cavities. This was one of the disguised benefits of dates for little kids. Let’s look at the next one.

Acts as a supplement of extra nutrients during fever and smallpox

Fever and smallpox are very common diseases in children. Boiled milk mixed with soaked dates is a great help to recovering children. It provides lots of nutrition and strength. A little bit of turmeric added to the milk can add more nutritional value. So, this is how Date palms helps to easily regain stamina. Apart from being a great nourishing dry fruit, date palm is also a good recovery food item. Not just children, but adults can also take dates boiled in milk to regain strength and stay healthy.

Improves vision

Nowadays, we see many children carrying a pair of spectacles hanging on their little faces. This is merely due to the weak eyesight that may have been a result of lack of vitamin C or some unhealthy habits. Date palms have a good amount of Vitamin C in them. They contain around 0.4mg of vitamin C per 100g. So, they improve the eyesight of the kid and also restrict the loss of eyesight due to unhealthy habits.

Improves hemoglobin and manages weight

Every 100g of dates contain around 1.02 mg of iron. Thus, the iron rich content of dates acts as boast to the amount of hemoglobin in the body. This improves blood flow and food and nutrients dissolved in the blood reach each and every part of the body sufficiently. Good amount of hemoglobin increases the number of red blood cells in the body of children. Thus, it protects them from diseases such as anemia. Appropriate body weight is also an index of growth. Most children have the bad habit of eating less. This leads to body growth issues such as slow weight gain. Dates along with milk are very beneficial. It helps to resolve weight issues in children.

Other than the daily course of cereals and vegetables, fruits and nuts are also very important for the ample growth of a child. Dates are the most beneficial dry fruits due to the high nutritional content. These amazing dry fruits are a treasure of energy boosters, vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial in the growth of children. Dates can be called a trusted helping hand to a mother as it takes good care of the body of a child like a mother. So, it’s necessary to include dates in the diet chart of every little one who is in his growth stage as well as the adults.

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