11 Health Benefits of Skateboarding


Skateboarding is an adventure sport loved by many thrill loving youngsters. It not only provides fun and entertainment but also comes forth with multiple health benefits good for the body on the whole. Sports have always been an avid part of our life and the saying that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy suits well in practical life as well. Skateboarding is one such sport that can be played both inside and outside but now day’s special parks are built especially for the teenagers who wish for the all-consuming adrenaline rush. Just like every sport has certain risk and advantages, skateboarding too has its own specialities to offer. There are a number of health benefits that regular Skateboarding offers us. Some of them are.

Skateboarding: 11 Amazing Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Skateboarding


A flexible body is extremely essential to avoid occasional muscle pull and sprains. In Skateboarding the lower body becomes extremely flexible and learns how to coordinate with the other parts to stay on the board. For skating especially it is compulsory for the person to be flexible if he wishes to perform stunts successfully. Regular gym workouts are compulsory for teens who desire to take active part in the sport.

Overall fitness

Since it is a prior established fact that one must attend regular gym to be flexible the exercising then not only improves boarder’s prospect of skating but also improves their overall health. Exercising keeps their weight in check along with strengthening the lower body after continuous and prolonged exercise. People are generally interested in performing tricks but rigorous practice burns calories and makes this recreational activity fun to go along with.

Increases metabolism

Metabolism scientifically is the conversions of the food we consume into energy that helps the body perform daily actions. A healthy and fast metabolism is always desirable for good energy storage in the body while a vice versa of the same leaves the man lethargic and disinterested. Skateboarding is the most rigorous form of exercising that boost individual metabolism. This regulates the body weight of riders and prevents them from turning obese. An obese rider is bound to fail in exhibiting the desired stunts and skills that his sport demands of him.

Increases pain tolerance

Falling and getting up is a part of every game being it cycling or skateboarding. Pain then becomes an inevitable part of sportspersons life. Beginners repeatedly fall and gain bruises and minor cuts whereas senior boarders face constant threat of fractures or traumas that are a result of serious falls. It is a commonly observed fact that after several injuries sportsmen tend to ignores pain and concentrate on perfecting their art. Continuous exposure to pain increases the tolerance of all the yet prior protection is a must. Professional knee pads and helmets must be worn while practicing by all riders.


Reduces stress

Skateboarding is a fun sport loved by one and all. It demands full concentration and dedication towards the sport for best results. The adrenaline rush that it gives to many young skaters brings happiness and joy in their life. It is a proven fact that depression and stress can be meritoriously fought against if one involves themselves in any activity or sport. Stress can be an outcome of unfavourable circumstances or painful memories therefore diverting the mind towards what one loves is the best solution to fight against it.

Improves coordination

Skating is all about the coordination maintained between the ankle, knees and the hands for balance. The constant moving wheels catch speed quickly without training and precision one is set to fall. A flexible and coordinated body leads smooth riding experiences. A good skater seldom has the ability to multi-task efficiently.

Teaches how to fall

Each sport takes time to learn and master. Therefore falling comes as a part of the package. Riders continuously face the risk of falling and getting hurt at times because of their own mistakes and at times because of the pedestrians they come across. Falling and standing back up again trains our brain to withstand failure making the riders immune to depression and educated them the skill of never giving up.

Improves mental health

All the sports are known to not only improvise the physical health but the mental capacity of individuals as well. Along with fighting stress and depression, sports sharpen our stimulus reactions and increase our presence of mind. The sudden decisions that the riders are required to take on the board, trains the rider’s brain to thin quickly and make correct decisions quickly. This will ultimately benefit the sportsmen in their career prospects reducing stress and worry.

Treats diabetes

At times people are reluctant to work out in gyms or parks as they find such acts as monotonous. Diabetes patients are suggested to have rigorous exercising sessions and a regulated calorie intake. Skateboarding then becomes a handy option where entertainment and exercising is blended together. Due to hereditary at times teenagers and children also fall prey to diabetes. Parents can encourage their children to work out through skate boarding with other kids to boost their morale.

Maintains balance

The first trick to successful skating is through proper balancing. The coordination and balance of the body is a must in any sport to not only avoid injuries but also explore the chance to perform tricks and stunts. The hands are the one that balance the body on the board and the working of both the hands while riding is a good mental workout.


Social connect

Skate boarding is a good way to socially connect with other people. Skating parks boosts the interaction of the people making introvert children socially aware and help them overcome any awkward phase in their life. Sports demands individuals to be discipline and dedicated curbing any rebellious behaviour.

Skateboarding therefore has more benefits than disadvantages. It helps in the all-round physical and mental development of individuals of all age groups. The laughing and hanging out with people of own age group is the best kind of medicine for all.

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