7 Amazing Sesame Oil Substitute in Your Kitchen


Peanut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, perilla oil and walnut oil are some of the amazing sesame oil substitute in your kitchen.

Sesame oil is an important ingredient in Asian or Chinese dishes. It is usually recommended for high heat cooking and adding a nutty flavour to the dish. What if you are in the middle of cooking your favourite dish and you find that you are out of stock of one of the most important ingredients of the dish, that is, sesame oil? Or you are very health conscious( sesame oil is very high in calories) or allergic (many people are found allergic to sesame) to sesame oil. Well, in order to rescue you from such situations, let’s make you aware of some fantastic substitutes of sesame oil.

Peanut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, perilla oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, canola oil and many other ingredients are used as a substitute to sesame oil. They are easily available and might serve well for your purpose.  Let us discuss them in detail.

7 Best Substitutions for Sesame Oil

sesame oil substitute

Peanut oil

Peanuts are my favourite. Do you love peanuts? Well, then here is the choice for you. Sesame oil,can be easily substituted by peanut oil. Moreover the endless benefits of peanuts will tempt you to choose it over sesame oil. It is a very good reducing agent for cholesterol, it will keep your heart safe from cardiac diseases, it also acts as a shield against cancer, lower your blood pressure and also provides a sheen on the skin. Peanut oil also has high heat tolerance and  nutty flavour that makes it quite similar to sesame oil.

Though it’s taste is a bit mild as compared to sesame oil, but adding the right quantity of peanut oil to the dish can make it amazing. But, if you are allergic to peanuts, you should avoid using it or else the consequences can be fatal. You should inform the doctor immediately.


Olive oil

This is an excellent option which is a gift of the Mediterranean land. Olive oil is considered to be excellent for general health as well as for hair and skin. This is a recommended substitute for sesame oil as both of them are similar in terms of health benefits. So, if you are using sesame oil solely due to the health benefits it provides you, you can keep olive oil as an option.

Olive oil works perfectly for seasoning that is drizzled on top of dishes or as a dressing on salads. But it may not be that good an option for deep fry or roasting purposes. Olive oil comes in two ranges the virgin and the extra virgin out of which the extra virgin is the safest to use for cooking..

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which keeps the heart healthy. It does not have a similar taste as sesame oil, but it’s high heat tolerance and amenability to deep frying makes it a good sesame oil substitute.  Also, it is ideal oil for cooking purposes such as deep frying. Owing to its benefits and similarity to sesame and olive oil, avocado oil can be used as a perfect substitute in your kitchen.

Canola oil

This is a plant-based oil which is well known for its neutrality. It can be used as a medium in all kind of mixes. Moreover, after olive oil it is the most healthy oil for heart due to the presence of monounsaturated oil. It can also be used as a substitute for sesame oil. It is a genetically modified version of rapeseed oil. It was used as a substitute to rapeseed oil as rapeseed oil was considered to be toxic for human consumption.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil tends to have a similar flavour to that of sesame oil. So, it can also be a great substitute for sesame oil. It may not be the most appropriate option but it is good for stir fry. Grape seed oil has several health benefits as well, such as, it is rich in vitamin e, good for skin, good for healthy hair, helps in diabetes and aromatherapy. Though the presence of omega -6 fatty acids makes it little unhealthy but, using grape seed oil at occasions is not a bad idea. What do you think?

Perilla oil

It is generally used in korea and it’s taste and smell are quite similar to sesame. Perilla oil  contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, has an earthy rich taste and is popularly used in  chinese dishes. It is helpful in conditions like: breast cancer, obesity, asthma, and also blood clotting. It also helps to boost memory.


However, it is not one of the most healthy choices as it is high in calories and contains allergens. So, you can always consider perilla oil as a good option if the sesame oil stock in your kitchen is not available. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using this oil.

Walnut oil

Walnut oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids so it protects our heart. It is similar to sesame oil due to the nutty flavour it imparts to the dish. It can be mainly used in salads, pastas, flavouring fish and sauces. It is considered to be very good for the skin and hair. This oil works well in the uncooked form in salads or cold sauce as after heating it adapts a slight bitter taste.


So, now you need not worry if you are forced to give up on dishes that use sesame oil due to the high calorific content of sesame oil or allergens present in it. These substitutes work well in dishes and impart a similar flavour to the dish. Hence, the options are here, choose what you find is most suitable for making your favourite dish and enjoy your meal without an inch of worries. Happy feasting!





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