Sciatica During Pregnancy: Causes, Treatments and Remedies


Sciatica during pregnancy refers to the pain in the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, during pregnancy. This nerve provides motor and sensory functions to the lower parts of the body. As the belly grows bigger during pregnancy, you may feel a pain the sciatic nerve. Well, here we will look into the causes, symptoms, treatments and remedies of sciatic pain.

Well, pregnant women often consider sciatic pain as back-pain, and ignore them. However, you need to take effective measures to deal with this pain. It can trouble you throughout your pregnancy months, hindering your daily activities. Besides, it can increase the complications during labor and result in C-section birth of the child.

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Causes of sciatica

Sciatica can be caused in pregnant women for a number of reasons. These include stress, physical activities and other factors. The nerve pain may be caused due to the following factors:

  • Increased weight gain and retention of fluid in the body. It creates pressure on the nerve, causing pain during pregnancy.
  • During the months of pregnancy, the uterus keeps on growing. This exerts additional pressure on the sciatic nerves and the spine. It results in spinal disc herniation, in which the gel leaks out from the spinal disk due to rupture.
  • The center of gravity in the body is changed due to the expanding breasts and belly. This affects the lordotic curve in the body, and the muscles in the pelvic region press the nerve, causing pain.

Sciatica During Pregnancy

Symptoms of sciatica in pregnant women

Sciatic pain can be identified by the following symptoms.

  • A burning and stabbing pain, caused on one side of the pelvic region. At times, it may occur on both the sides.
  • A mild pain may originate from your lower back area or the butts and spread to the other parts, like calf, foot and toes.
  • The pains may take place occasionally, which may be patchy or widespread.
  • You may experience a numb sensation in your foot and leg, along with a tingling feeling in these areas.
  • The groin area may also come under pain, but this rarely occurs.
  • You may experience acute cramps in the muscles.
  • It also causes abdominal curvature in the body, especially in the lower back region.

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Treatments and remedies

When you experience sciatic pain, consult the doctor for a positive remedy. This type of pain can be treated through the following ways.

  • The physical changes that take place in the body during pregnancy cause a lot of mental stress. It is necessary to keep yourself calm and interact with your family members or friends. You need to keep the lower part of the body warm. You can have footbaths or soak your body in warm water. Keep yourself warm to reduce sciatic pain during pregnancy.
  • You can cover your skin with a flannel or cloth and apply ice pack or hot compress in the painful regions. One of the most effective ways to deal with this pain is to go for hot and cold compresses on an alternate basis. Make sure not to apply hot compresses for a long time, as it is dangerous for your baby as well as for your body.
  • It is necessary to remain active most of the time. Performing regular activities can reduce the pain to a certain extent.
  • You should not lift heavy objects or bend your knees when you experience the pain. You need to maintain a straight back and lift slightly heavy objects, keeping them close to the body.
  • While standing, you need to maintain a slightly arched position in your back. In case you feel the pressure in standing position, you need to lift a single foot and use an elevated object to rest it. When you sit, you can get a rolled towel or small cushion that will support your spine.
  • Using a pregnancy belt also relieves the pain to a substantial extent. It will reduce the strain exerted on your back.
  • Besides, it is necessary to stimulate the pressure points. Certain acupuncture treatments can reduce the pain. Consult your doctor to get a remedy for sciatic pain.

Although you can get positive results from these remedies, it is recommended to consult your doctor when you experience sciatic pain during pregnancy.