Musculoskeletal Discomfort During Pregnancy – Ultimate Guide


Pregnancy brings in innumerable changes in the body of a woman. The musculoskeletal system of the body consists of the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues etc. The human body gets its structure and shape from this system and movement is possible. During pregnancy, some or the other kind of musculoskeletal discomfort is felt by women. This happens due to the physical and physiological changes that take place in the body.

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Mentioned below are some kinds of common musculoskeletal discomforts and pains that take place during pregnancy:

Musculoskeletal Discomfort During Pregnancy

1. Cramps in legs

There are many reasons for leg cramps during pregnancy. It might happen due to combination of edema from fluid retention, buildup of lactic acid and chemical changes in the body which take place during pregnancy. Good hydration of the body and regular walking can help in dealing with the problem successfully. 500mg of each calcium and magnesium can also prove to be useful.

2. Lower abdominal pain, particularly above groin area on both sides

This is quite common and begins in early pregnancy. This discomfort and pain mainly takes place with brisk movements and with exertion of muscles in the abdomen. Swelling and stretching cause discomfort in early pregnancy in the round ligament, which has attachments to the sheath of abdominal muscles and uterus. Just ensure that there is no bleeding. The pain and discomfort subsides with time.

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3. Hip pain

This pain becomes more prominent in the second trimester, when the pregnancy advances. The hips can be strengthened and stabilized with the help of hip abduction and adduction exercises. These exercises also provide relief from hip pain to a great extent.

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4. Back pain

Majority of pregnant women complain of back pain at some time during their pregnancy. The worse thing about back pain is that there are chances of prolonged disc problems even after the pregnancy is over. There are many causes of this back pain, the leading ones being fluid retention in the lumbar discs and joint laxity. Along with these, exaggerated lordosis lead to spasm of lumbar muscles. Along the spinal column, tender and tight muscles can be seen on examination. It is recommended to support the abdominal muscles with adjustable binders, which are specifically designed for pregnancy. These help in stabilizing the pelvis and reduces tension off the lumbar muscles. Along with the binders, there are also many abdominal exercises, which have proved to be highly effective in relieving back pain during the post-partum months and strengthens the muscles at the same time.

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5. Knee pain

Knee pain is faced by many women during pregnancy. There are many factors, which contribute to the problem of knee pain. Some of the most common ones include water retention, increased laxity, increased weight bearing, swelling etc. For getting relief from knee pain, pregnant women can look for lesser weight gain. Many women are seen adorning knee braces as well for keeping knee pain at bay during pregnancy.

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6. Symphysis pubis pain

This pain arises from two reasons. First, there is a pressure that comes from the uterus and growing fetus. Secondly, the pain can be caused from relaxation of the fibrous tissue, which connects the two Rami. Special pregnancy bands are available, which can help in relieving great extent of the pressure from the area. However, total discomfort cannot be resolved till the pregnancy gets over. Slowly after child birth, the pain and discomfort subsides and finally vanishes.

7. Finger and hand cramps

Hand and finger cramps are common during pregnancy. Swelling can be seen in the facial sheath, which covers the nerves innervating the hand. This problem is also known as the Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. Investing in a metal wrist support will help in immobilizing the wrist. When this is worn on round the clock basis, it provides relief from hand and finger cramps.

8. Rib pain and upper abdominal pain

This pain often occurs later during pregnancy. When the baby increases in size, it exerts pressure on the ribs on both sides. Simultaneously it pulls the abdominal muscles, which are attached to the ribs. It leads to spasms and inflammation in the muscles. Using a maternity belt or sitting in a reclined position is the best way of getting rid of this kind of pain during pregnancy.

Don’t be worried with these pains and discomforts. These will subside once the pregnancy period gets over.

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