11 Pressure Points for A Headache for Quick Recovery


Pains like Headache, sinus and migraines pain can be intolerable. Medicines of different kinds are available but most people look out for a natural way to deal with these pain problems. If you have fear of medicines and side-effects then acupressure and pressure points are a must try. Acupressure is an alternative medicine to treat various pain problems. It works on the belief that the whole body has a flow of meridians and when these get blocked or obstructed than pain and aches are the results. It is a therapy which deals with applying pressure for the release of energy to stop the blockage and flow the meridians in the body. Imbalance or problem in the meridian energy flow leads to a problem in the meridian related organ. Here are 11 pressure points for a headache for quick recovery;

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11 Must Know Pressure Points for Headache

pressure points for headache

The gap between the eyebrows and above the nose is a great pressure point for relieving headaches

Also known as the third eye point, it is the most common acupressure point known for relieving headaches. It is located between both the eyebrows and above the nose. To get relief from a headache one can apply mild pressure on this area and gently rub it in a circular position. Continue this process for some time and you will experience relief from headaches and pain of a migraine.

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The inner corner of the eyes is really a great pressure point for getting rid of the pain in the forehead

One can apply pressure on these points, the corner of the eyes and the bones which are present above the eyes. Apply pressure for one minute on both the eyes. It can also be applied separately at different times on both the eyes. This slight mild pressure is a great way to feel better while suffering from pain in the forehead.


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The area around the cheekbones and near the nostril is the most helpful pressure point to reduce a migraine and sinus pain.

This area which is located around the cheekbones and near the nostrils is a great way to stop the pain of migraine and sinus. One can apply mind pressure with firm but gentle hands in a circular motion. This will help in getting fast relief from the pain of sinus and migraine.

The two hollow areas located near the neck is also a pressure point to relieve a migraine.

The two hollow parts which are present near the neck and below the head should be covered by the thumbs and all the other fingers should be used to cover the whole head in a cup position. Cover the whole skull with both the hand’s fingers and then apply the pressure. One can apply mild pressure but in a firm way and rub it for one to two minute and leave it, do it again if the pain continues.

The point one index finger above from the ears is an acupressure point for reducing headaches.

The point above the ears on the skull is also an acupressure point. One can take both the index fingers and massage that area mildly. This will help in relaxing the migraine pain and sinus.

The point behind the center of the neck is a great pressure point to stop stress pain and severe headache.

The point between the neck and the spine on the back of our body is a great pressure point to stop headaches and stress pain. One can apply mild pressure firmly with the index fingers on the area above the spine of our back. If the pain does not stop do it for a longer time. This will help to stop stress, headaches, and tension that develops in that area.

The point between the index finger and the thumb is a great pressure point to stop headaches.

The points between the thumb and the index finger are a great pressure point to stop headaches and pain of a migraine. One can massage that area in a circular motion for five minutes. If this does not give relief than do this frequently during the day to stop a headache.


The nostrils are great acupressure points to treat headaches.

Press the nostrils on one side, chance by chance and it will help in stopping severe headaches. To stop very severe headache and migraine do this frequently and it will be easy to deal with a headache. Acupressure helps in dealing with headaches in a normal and subtle way because over the counter medicines might lead to side-effects in some people.

The point below the thumb on the side of the wrist is a great acupressure point to treat a headache.

This point is located in line with the thumb. It can be pressed firmly and rubbed for five to ten minutes. This exercise will help in treating migraines and headache as it is believed that it reduces the blockage of the meridians that flow in the body, because of which a headache is caused.

The point below the back of the ear is one of the most common pressure points to treat a migraine, headaches and sinus problems.

The point below the backside of the ear is a great pressure point. It is really helpful in reducing headaches and migraines. One can press and rub that area in a circular motion to stop headaches, in severe headaches, one can continue this exercise the whole day and surely it will help in reducing the pain.

The point below the palms and on the upper wrist helps in reducing severe headache and migraines.

This pressure point helps in reducing the pain of migraines and headaches. One can firmly rub this point with little mild pressure for five to ten minutes. It is very effective in dealing with a migraine and stopping headaches.

Thus, acupressure points are a great way to deal with migraines, headaches and sinus pain. Over the counter medicines can have side-effects and many people are allergic to them. Thus, acupressure does not involve the use of chemicals, rather it is a natural way to treat the problems and is very helpful.



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