Pregnant Belly: Does it Reveal if it’s a Boy or a Girl?


Most expectant mothers can’t wait to find out the gender of their baby even though most of them don’t mind any gender but you can start to look for these signs since there are several ways to determine the gender of your baby according to our old wives experience. Let’s find out whether pregnant belly reveals gender of the baby or not.

Does the Size of the Belly Reveal the Gender of the Baby?


Well-known old wives tale is if pregnant with a boy, you will have a low tummy. If pregnant with a girl you will have a high tummy.

How does the belly look?

Does your pregnant belly look like a basketball or a watermelon?

Because if it looks more like a basketball then it’s a sign you are having a boy, but if it resembles a watermelon then it’s a girl.

The baby weight 

If your carrying baby weight in the front, it’s a boy. If the baby weight has spaced all around your middle, then it is a girl.

Movement in your belly

It is firmly believed that when pregnant with a boy, you will have less movement. However, if it’s a girl, she will tend to move frequently in the tummy, taking more shapes, to make your belly look pretty and at the same time weird.


Belly button gender prediction

If the belly button is a smiley face, it’s a boy. If your belly button is a frown It’s a girl.

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Linea Niagara baby gender prediction

pregnant belly

What is a Linea Nigra?

There is a line running horizontally down the middle of your stomach. This is where the connective tissue of your abdominal muscles meet and is called the Linea Alba, which is Latin for the white line. When you were pregnant, as your baby and belly grow and stretch the Linea Alba, the line begins to darken and is known as linear Niagara, Latin for the black line. The line usually runs from your pubic bone up to your belly. Sometimes continuing toward your ribs.

During pregnancy thanks to an increased production of estrogen, your body begins to produce extra melanin. Melanin is a pigment that causes the skin to darken and during pregnancy causes the area around your nipples, your labia, and clitoris to darken in color.When does a Linea nigra appear, the reason why the Linea Alba begins to darken is unknown, but most women will notice it around the second trimester, although it can happen earlier. The line is never actually black but a brown color and it’s usually about one-half to one centimeter wide. The line usually darkens as your pregnancy progresses.

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Does Linea Niagara predict baby gender?

There is an old wives tale which says if the line runs from your pubic bone and ends in your belly button, you will have a girl .if the line continues to the bottom of your ribcage then you are having a boy. Another pregnancy myth says only women who are having boys will have the Linea nigra. While these myths are harmless, it’s important to remember not to place too much value on them. Each woman has a 50% chance of having a boy and a 50% chance of a girl in each pregnancy. Even in families where there seems to be a strong tendency toward having one gender, the odds of having a boy or a girl are exactly the same. This means 50% at the time the old wives tale will be right.

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Top 8 Ways to Tell if You are Pregnant with a Boy or a Girl

Glowing skin

Your skin may glow and Appear healthier while pregnancy, which Comes from the reason of an increase in Blood volume estrogen and progestin. Pregnant skin glows not always experienced by all pregnant woman, women Will only get the pregnancy glow if they’re having a boy according to an old Wives experience.

Foot temperature

You Might notice a temperature change in Your feet when you’re pregnant. You Should notice that when your feet are Colder than normal You’re carrying a boy if you get warm Feeling then you are having a girl.

Food cravings

Undeniably, that many Pregnant women will experience food Cravings, but some believe that your cravings can indicate the gender of your Baby. It is easy to identify that is when you are frequently craving for sweet Foods, you’re having a girl. Whereas if you’re craving for salty foods, your baby Is a boy.

Sleeping position

You can ask your partner to notice this for you. Take Note on your natural sleeping position, that can tell about your baby’s gender. If you fall asleep on your left side more often, then it’s a boy. While if you fall asleep on your right side more often, than its a girl.


Size a foot Growth

A lot of women may have foot growth during pregnancy. if your feet maintain at the same size, you’re having a girl. But if your feet Grow of a half-size are much more, then you’re believed having a boy.

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Hair Texture

Women frequently can take note of a change in their hair texture during pregnancy. That can also be an Indicator of baby’s gender. when you notice your hair turn into thin and little dull, you’re having a baby girl. Whereas if your hair becomes thick and Glossy, you’re believed to have a baby boy.

The baking soda test

Another natural test is by using baking Soda this is claimed to be about 80% accurate. All you need to do is by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with your urine, if you notice that the mixture caused fizzes, you’re having a boy. But if there shows nothing happening, it’s a girl.

Feeling the weights

Some women gain weight all over their body while pregnant, while others women experienced weight gain in their bellies specifically. So if you carry all of your weight in your stomach then it is believed to be a baby boy. However, if you carry your pregnancy weight all over your whole body, then it is believed to be a baby girl.



Most pregnant mom can find out their baby’s gender, if they choose to know during their mid-pregnancy usually between 16 and 20 weeks, using an ultrasound scan. However, pregnancy doctor may not able to tell for sure if she can’t get a clear view of the baby’s genitals because sometime the baby might be in a position that we are not able to scan for their genitals.

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