15 Ways Pregnancy Can Change Your Face


Pregnancy is a very important and critical phase in a woman’s life, especially because there are a lot of visible changes that happen not only on the face but also in the whole body. Most women get frustrated and take it too seriously. While this may seem natural, but it is quite important to know why and how your pregnancy face undergoes changes every day. Therefore, here we mention some pregnancy effects on your face:

pregnancy face changes

15 Surprising Pregnancy Can Change Your Face

Pregnancy Mask

With women having a darker complexion, there is a condition called melasma which occurs during pregnancy. It is seen as dark patches on the chin, forehead or cheeks. This condition increases if you are more exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is always advised to stay indoors mostly and use a sunscreen of SPF 15 at least before moving out.

Swollen Nose

As part of pregnancy side effects, the nose also gets swelled up due to increased blood circulation to the mucous membranes. The nose may look broader and larger and it is all because of an increase in oestrogen levels in the body. However, the effect only stays till the delivery.

Spider Veins

This condition occurs during pregnancy due to broken capillaries of the face. Though they are not painful and can be hidden using your favourite concealer, they play a major role in ruining your natural glow. Again, the reason for this change can be attributed to the increased blood circulation levels.


Round Cheeks

When you enter the pregnancy phase, your cheeks tend to become more round and chubby. For some, it is not a problem because rounder cheeks help them look more youthful but unfortunately, the effect is only temporary.


Puffy Eyes

Eyes tend to look more swollen and puffy during pregnancy even after long hours of sleep and rest. This can make you look tired and exhausted every time even when you are not but there is no solution as such.

Loss of Eyelash and Eyebrow

If you do not have sufficient intake of protein during pregnancy, you may start experiencing the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. Therefore, it is required that you maintain proper diet routine during pregnancy and don’t neglect the importance of eating healthy during this time.

Redness of Skin

Redness of the skin is a very common change that will show up on your pregnancy face. Also called the pregnancy rash on face, it occurs due to the extra weight of the body during pregnancy which affects the skin.It is very important that you choose the right face wash for pregnancy to further reduce the side effects.


Oil production of the skin increases during pregnancy period which in turn blocks all the pores of the skin leading to the condition of acne. This effect makes your face look dull and patchy. Acne issues can be reduced by using the right products for your face  only after consulting a good dermatologist. You should avoid using products that have harmful chemicals and which may increase your problem even more.

Swelling Face

This condition is scientifically called toxemia and it is very unpredictable which part of your body may swell. Your face may look bigger and fuller which is a good thing for some women who look slim and skinny.

Glowing Face

Amidst all the upsetting changes that occur, this is the only thing which happens for good. Increased blood circulation helps brighten your skin tone and makes your face look shinier. This is one of the very few positive changes that occur and which enhance your inner natural looks.


Sensitive Skin

Your skin becomes too sensitive to any type of exposure. This becomes a little difficult to handle at first because anything you apply will have the skin reacting to it. In order to reduce this effect, it is always suggested to use pregnancy safe face wash.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is a very undesirable problem as it takes away your natural look and you have hair growing all over your face due to the increased amount of testosterone. The only way to deal with it is to let it happen and not let it bother you so much.

Good Hair

One positive aspect of pregnancy is that hair grows thicker and denser and you can absolutely make this your strength to ignore other changes that are not so impressive. High levels of oestrogen help your hair grow better and reduces hair fall.

Moles Getting Bigger

Yes, if you have freckles or moles on your face, it may become darker during pregnancy.

This is because your skin releases more pigment during pregnancy and stimulates the melanin cells. Some unusual changes include flat moles getting raised.

Calcium Deposits near the Eye

Calcium deposits may occur under the eye due to distress. Though they will surely fade away with time, it has got no solution for its dull look.


These are some normal changes that happens post pregnancy but if there is something serious and extreme, you should consult a doctor immediately to avoid any risk in the future. It may happen that your body doesn’t suit a particular change and may react to it abnormally. In such cases, it should be taken seriously and you should ask the doctor for help.

We agree that most changes that occur during pregnancy are daunting and undesirable but they are all worth what’s coming for you in the future. The bundle of happiness at the end will make you forget it all. It’s a beautiful period of your life and you need to enjoy this joy completely in order to feel satisfied and happy. The only essential thing is to handle this period smartly to avoid any risk or mishap. Also, most of the above-mentioned facial changes occur post-delivery so it isn’t harmful.


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