How to Use Pregnancy Test Kit Prega News for Accurate Results?


Prega News is a home based pregnancy test kit. It is manufactured in India by Manforce Pharmaceuticals and is widely popular for giving nearly accurate results in a short span of time (5 minutes) and at a lost cost. Prega News measures the human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine in order to indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If you had sexual intercourse without protection, or if you are trying for a baby and want to know whether you have conceived or not, then you can try Prega News.

In order to use Prega News pregnancy test kit, collect 3 drops of urine from the dropper and put it in the test card. Within five minutes, you will get the results. If there is a single pink line, then the test result is negative. But if there are two lines, then the test results are positive. Unless the product isn’t expired, Prega News is a reliable pregnancy kit that can give accurate results within a very short span of time.

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A Guide for Using Prega News Pregnancy Test

how to use prega news kit



What is a pregnancy test kit?

Pregnancy test kits are regarded as the easiest way to monitor early pregnancy. One can use these kits after 6 to 15 days from egg fertilisation. Most of the pregnancy test kits work on the aspect of determining the level of hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a urine sample. Testing positive or pregnancy is indicated by subsequent rise in concentration level of hcg. Even though pregnancy test kits are considered reliable, but it is recommended to consult doctor before making further conclusions.

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What is prega news?

Simple urine tests done with a few drops of urine dropped on a test strip with the help of a dropper to confirm a pregnancy within the privacy of your home are known as home pregnancy tests. A home pregnancy test is the most common way to test for a pregnancy after a missed period. Pregnancy test strips are easily available at most chemists and departmental stores across the country and do not require a medical prescription to be purchased. They test the presence of hcg in the urine, which is released only when an egg is fertilized and implants itself and gives one of the two outcomes- pregnant or not-pregnant. In case the test is not done correctly, the strip may not display any result and you can take a new test.

Prega news pregnancy test kit is a product of mankind pharmaceuticals and is widely popular in the indian market. It is a home pregnancy test. It is a one step simple procedure test card that detects the presence of hcg to the tune of 20miu/ml. Prega news can give results in flat 5 minutes, and is a quick, efficient and hassle free way to confirm a pregnancy without you having to step of the house. If you have had an episode of unprotected sex and wish to know whether you have conceived, all you need to do is put 3 drops of urine collected in the dropper provided in the kit onto the test card. Wait for just 5 minutes and get the results!

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How soon can you use prega news?

Some pregnancy tests claim a high sensitivity to hcg and can detect a pregnancy even 2-4 days before a period is due. Unless your periods are irregular, the likelihood of getting accurate results with a pregnancy test 7 days after missing a period is about 95%-98%. Some pregnancy tests also claim to be 99% accurate – so you need to pick the one that has higher sensitivity levels to hcg hormone.

Most home pregnancy tests detect hcg levels at 20 to 25 miu/ml- the lower the number on the home pregnancy test, the greater the sensitivity to hcg and hence more accurate the results. However, ensure that the pregnancy test has not expired before you use it to detect pregnancy.

How would you read the prega news test results?

Prega news is a fairly easy way to know whether a baby is being formed inside of you. The best way not to get incorrect results is to follow the instructions carefully. Reading the prega news results is also easy –

  • A single pink line indicates you are not pregnant
  • Two pink lines indicate a positive pregnancy
  • Differently colored lines, a darker and a lighter indicate that the test might not have been taken correctly. You may take the test again after 4-5 days

If the test is positive, you are most certainly pregnant, provided the kit is not expired. In such a scenario, fix your first antenatal appointment with a chosen gynecologist immediately. If your test is negative but you do feel pregnancy symptoms, do check again after a few days or get yourself checked at a hospital.
Sometimes the result can be affected due to the intake of certain medications – does check the leaflet with the prega news pack that lists the medications affecting the test’s outcome.

How accurate is the result of prega news?

The accuracy of all pregnancy tests is to the tune of 95% to 98%. If you have not used an expired product, and have dropped the urine correctly on the test strip, you have high chances of getting accurate results. If the test result is negative, you can either be not pregnant or you might have taken the test too early. Though pregnancy can happen even when the levels of HCG is as low as 5 MIU/ml but Prega News can detect the levels at about 20 MIU/ml. Hence giving some time and testing again after 4-5 days would be recommended. The test results are also more accurate when tested with the first urine of the morning – given the concentration of HCG is high during the time.

If you want to instantly test whether you are pregnant or not, then Prega News is the best home based pregnancy test kit you can use. But it is always better to go to a doctor and get proper tests done. Have a safe pregnancy ahead!

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