11 Powerful Foods that Help Relieve Pain


Some foods tend to numb the sensation of pain. Foods those are good sedatives and impact the nervous system act as good pain relieving alternatives. Foods like onion, nutmeg, and poppy seeds are well known pain relievers. Mustard seeds also happen to have similar properties.

Then there are foods like clove, ginger, and margosa which can help you cope with pregnancy related and also postpartum pains. Honey also contains strong pain-killing properties and can be had in regulated amount. Foods like liquorices, asafetida, and bishop’s weed have strong anesthetic properties which can numb the nerve points which transmit the sensation of pain, back to the brain. These healthy food alternatives are much recommended over pain-killing pills which eventually damage the kidneys.

11 Powerful Food that Help Relieve Pain


This popular spice has great pain killing properties. It is very useful especially if you or your child is suffering from toothaches. Mix a bit of this spice in lemon juice. Then slightly heat the solution.

Dab a cotton ball into the liquid and apply it gently on the areas of pain. You can keep it intact in the cavity of the tooth to get a quick relief.

Poppy Seeds

A very strong and intoxicating seed is a common ingredient in the eastern part of India. If you do not dare to have the seed directly, you can always have the milk of the poppy seed. The milk of the poppy is used from the ancient times as a nerve soother and a pain reliever.

Moderated amount of this milk is good for you and your nervous system. It will give you relief from many pregnancy related pains. However, overdose might bring down your blood pressure to a critical level.


Relieve Pain food


Nutmeg is that kind of spice which tends to control the flow of adrenalin in the body. It has a soothing effect on your nervous system. Powdered nutmeg added to a glass of lemon juice can be had in order to reduce the amount of pain.

This is quite beneficial for the women who suffer a lot from postpartum pain. The calming effect will help the nerves to relax and help you get a peaceful slumber.

Bishop’s Weed

This weed has a special pain-killing property. It is pretty useful in case of ear aches. Half teaspoon of this seed should be mixed with equal amount of hot milk. Once the entire extract of the seeds is passed on to the milk, you can filter it and use it as an eardrop. This will be an effective remedy for any sort of ear related pains.


This is yet another popular spice having miraculous pain relieving properties. The antiseptic property of clove is good for your teeth and gum. That is the same reason why they are so good in curing teeth related problems and pain. (Buckle, 1999)

Cloves offer nice balmy effect inside your mouth and cure any kind of tooth related bacterial disease.



Ginger is a multi-purpose pain reliever and can be had in many forms. It offers brilliant remedy from headaches and muscle pains. Boiling water with ginger in it can heal the pain of twisted ankles and foot pains. (Ozgoli, 2009)

Ginger oil can also be made into an ointment and applied in case of sprains and cramps. It has a warm and balmy sensation which will help you recover from various pulls and strains.


This spice is also known for its miraculous effect on muscle sprains and injuries. Soak the dry roots of this plant, overnight, in water. Then the extract should be given to women suffering from muscle pains. (Fiore, 2005)

The extract also works wonder in case of joint pains. Due to low calcium content after pregnancy, many women suffer from aching knees and elbows. Consuming the extract of the herb will offer gradual relief.


Margosa leaves are wonderful for curing earaches and infection. Boil a handful of margosa leaves in water and then the steam fomentation of that offers almost immediate relief from ear related pains.

The juice of the leaves, mixed with a hint of honey, can be used as ointment for ear related infection. The ant-bacterial property of this plant not only offers comfort from the pain but also cures the infection and acts as long-term remedy. (Bakhru, 2000).


Mustard Seeds

Mustard is known for its pain relieving and muscle relaxing properties. The enzymes present in the seeds induce blood circulation and cures blood clots and any obstacles in the veins. It also helps in joint pains.

Mustard seeds should be made into paste and added to the diet in regulated quantity. Too much consumption might disrupt the digestive system. Mustard paste can also be directly applied on the areas of pain. This is especially effective in the cases of joint pains. (Bakhru, 2000).


Onions can make you cry but did you know that they actually are very good for eye infection and pain relief? Onion juice when mixed with honey can be a brilliant natural eye tonic. It cures any sort of redness of the eyes and any sort of chronic pains which cause swelling.

Onion paste also is good for topical usage in the areas of pain and discomfort. Keep the paste applied for 20-30 minutes. Consumption of raw or fried onion is also good for overall blood circulation.


Honey is a natural anti-septic and also a good pain reliever. It is good for throat and chest pains. Any pain caused due to common cold and flu can be healed with the consumption of honey and lemon.

The enzymes present in honey stimulate the heart muscles and induces proper blood flow throughout the body. Add a hint of lemon in a teaspoon of honey and have it every morning to ensure a trouble free respiratory system.



The foods mentioned in the list have good health benefits and can be had safely. They also can be given to your child. However, seeds like poppy and mustard have strong addictive properties and hence have to be taken in regulated quantity only. Moreover, alternatives like ginger, onion, and honey needs to be consumed in limited quantity. More consumption will not guarantee quicker relief. On the contrary it might cause an upset tummy and disrupt your digestive system.

Unregulated amount of strong sedatives can lower your blood pressure and create problems during pregnancy. Your placenta will not get enough blood for your fetus to feed on. You will be tipsy and nauseous. The consequences can be fatal.