9 Amazing Benefits Of Face-Steaming


Skincare is necessary for today’s era because our skin deals with many pollutants and chemical cosmetics. These can cause harm to the skin. Through natural and easy ways like Facial steaming, one can nourish the skin. Facial-steaming is a DIY (do it yourself) skin treatment to clean, nourish, and make it feel luxurious.

What is Facial Steaming?

Facial – steaming is considered an easy as well as a cost-effective method for cleansing the skin. It also improves the health of the skin. It is an easy skincare routine to follow. Here, the face is allowed to absorb the steam from a hot bowl of water that moisturizes the skin. Facial-steaming has been practiced for ages as a beauty treatment in many spas and health clubs.

face steaming

Nowadays, facial steaming has gained popularity because it is convenient and one can easily practice at home with a help of a personal steamer but still most people prefer the old bowl method.

Benefits of Facial-Steaming


Steaming helps the face to open up the pores and get the skin rid of dirt. Soon, after the warm steam contacting the face, the dirt and dead cells of the skin are pushed out. It also helps in softening the blackheads or whiteheads, leading to their quick removal. Moreover, facial steaming prevents skin irritability, and various skin infections caused due to blocked pores.

Hydration Of The Skin

The most common cause of dull and tired skin is lack of hydration. Facial steaming can enhance the hydration of the skin and thus prevent drying of the skin. It moisturizes the skin by increasing the production of natural oils and increasing the permeability of the skin. By this, the skin can absorb skincare products efficiently. Although, frequent steaming should be avoided as it can reverse the effects. It is better to steam face only once weekly.


Good Circulation

Facial steaming triggers the thermoregulatory receptors and initiates perspiration through the dilation of blood vessels in the skin. This leads to an increased flow of oxygen, delivering more nutritive blood towards the face. Due to such blood circulation, complexion, and skin is nourished.

Removal Of Toxins

Living in today’s era is not easy, everyday one encounters pollution, chemicals as well as toxins. These can harm the complexion and texture of the skin. Steaming serves as a skin detox. It allows the skin to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, toxins, and bacteria from the skin. It restores the texture of the skin by providing proper nourishment. The mechanism of action is simple, the heat from steam makes the skin sweat which offers quick removal of toxins from the skin.

Prevention From Acne

The main cause of acne is the clogging of skin pores. Accumulation of various toxins, impurities in the skin can be considered as factors for acne. Steaming helps to open the clogged to prevent the clogging of pores. It increases the absorption of acne treating ointments.

Relaxes The Skin

Facial Steam provides complete relaxation and a soothing effect on the skin. It makes one feel fresh by relaxing nerves.

Prevent Sinus Issues

Sinus is usually experienced along with headache and congestion of the nose. Facial steaming is a home remedy that can cure these sinus symptoms and makes the person feel better. Through warm steam breathing, dry air in the sinus is cleared. It also massages sensitive sinuses and thus facilitates inhalation and exhalation.

Stops Aging

No one wants to age quickly and the aging effect is first noticed through wrinkled skin. Facial steaming prevents quick aging. Toxins and chemicals make the skin lose its moisture and thus skin elasticity decreases day by day and wrinkles of skin initiate. Steaming can restore moisture and makes skin look fresh. It enhances collagen production which makes the skin firm.



Rather than spending money on expensive beauty products and treatments one should opt for facial steaming. It requires no expenditure and can be tried at home itself. No special equipment is required. Therefore, it is economically acceptable.

Ideal warmness, Ideal Duration, and Ideal Frequency of Facial Steaming

Steam burns are more dangerous as compared to boiling water burns. Therefore, one needs to stay alert and careful while facial steaming. The risk of burns can be avoided by not facing the steam to close to the hot bowl. The distance can be determined according to one’s comfort level. Once a week for about 10 minutes is ideal to avoid irritation of the skin.

Tips and Tricks

Following tricks and tips help in boosting the benefits of facial steaming :

  • Preparation

    • Hydrating the body by drinking water is considered good before exposing oneself to heat.
    • Before taking steam, one should wash the face with a gentle cleanser so that skin reaps all benefits of steam.
  • During Steam

    • It is better to close your eyes while having steam to avoid eye irritation.
    • To avoid burns stay about 6 to 10 inches away from the hot water bowl
  • Soon After

    • Wash face with lukewarm water and dry.
    • Apply moisturizer and steam enhance the effects of moisturizer. It’s the best time to use anti-aging cosmetics.
    • Massaging the face to relax the skin.


Facial steaming is a reward to the skin. It promotes healthy skin. It is cheap and easy to follow, require no special equipment or setup. But one should consult a doctor before in case of any inflammatory skin condition.