7 Health Benefits of eating Prunes during Pregnancy


Some of the health benefits of eating prunes during pregnancy include relief from constipation and regular bowel movement. Prunes are also known to help in treating depression and anxiety control in pregnant women. It is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for the healthy fetal growth. Eating prunes is a safe and tasty way to combat hunger pangs during pregnancy.

What to eat during pregnancy is a question that many women are plagued with. Which food is safe to eat during pregnancy? What can help the growing fetus? Which food will give me and my baby the maximum nutrition?These are some of the common questions that pregnant women are left wondering.

In this blog we will look at the health benefits of prunes during pregnancy. We will look at this healthy snacking option packed with health benefits for you and your baby.

What are prunes?

Prunes are dried plums. They are delicious to taste and make a tasty alternative to sugary snacks. It is beneficial for pregnant women and can be consumed safely. It is loaded with essential nutrients and is good for your stomach also! During pregnancy prunes can be had as an effective means of dealing with your hunger cravings.

What are the health benefits of prunes during pregnancy?

Prunes are loaded with essential nutrients. These are extremely beneficial for you during pregnancy. Here we will look at 7 amazing health benefits of prunes during pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Prunes for Pregnancy Women

Boosts Energy

When you are pregnant you are likely to feel tired and exhausted constantly. This is more so when you are in the first or the third trimester of your pregnancy. This constant exhaustion is due to the changing hormonal action going on in your body during this time.


Eating prunes is a natural and safe way to boost your energy during pregnancy. Prunes help boost the energy level during pregnancy and help you fight the fatigue. You can try to include this in your pregnancy diet through smoothies or spreads. It is better to consume organic brands to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals.

Promotes Hemoglobin Count

Healthy hemoglobin count is very important during pregnancy. Hemoglobin count  is needed for the healthy development of the fetus. Hemoglobin is extremely essential in the formation of your baby’s red blood cells and transportation of oxygen. Your doctor is likely to suggest iron supplements to be consumed during the pregnancy to maintain healthy hemoglobin count.

Prunes are rich in iron which is required for good hemoglobin count. Along with other iron rich foods you can also make prunes a part of your pregnancy diet for help in boosting the hemoglobin count. Prunes also help in fighting anemia, fatigue, and in building immunity during pregnancy.

benefits of eating prunes

Rich Sours of Fiber

Prunes are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Doctors recommend having a diet with fiber rich foods during pregnancy. This is necessary in order to maintain healthy digestion and avoid getting overweight during the course of the pregnancy.

Maintaining healthy body weight during the pregnancy helps in reducing chances of facing complications such as miscarriage and preeclempsia. If you are unable to have fiber rich vegetables, you can try having smoothies with prunes in them. This is also a good way to ensure adequate fiber intake during pregnancy.


Helps Cure Constipation

The dietary fiber present in prunes makes it an excellent ingredient to help cure constipation faced by many women during pregnancy. Constipation during pregnancy is caused due to the relaxing of the intestinal muscles. This happens due to the actions of the hormones released during pregnancy. The hormones cause both constipation and hard stool – both of which cause extreme discomfort during pregnancy.

Having two prunes everyday during the pregnancy can help you avoid pregnancy constipation. The fiber present in the prunes helps in regulating the bowel movement and avoiding constipation.

Storehouse of Essential Minerals

Prunes are a rich source of essential minerals such as copper, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are very important in the development and proper functioning of your baby. The minerals present in prunes help in regulating your metabolic functions and nerve impulses. They are also effective in providing energy to expecting mothers as discussed above.

Including prunes in your prenatal diet helps in making sure that you receive all the essential minerals required for the smooth development of the pregnancy. It is also an additional and tasty source of essential minerals that you can add to your diet during pregnancy.

Rich in Vitamin A

Prunes are a good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the healthy development of eyes, skin, and immunity of both the mother and the child. Eating prunes during pregnancy is a great way to maintain healthy skin during pregnancy. It also helps in providing skin health for your growing baby.

The beta-carotene and vitamin A present in prunes helps in the development of eyes in the growing fetus. It is also essential in the proper growth of the baby in the womb. It is also beneficial in treating depression and anxiety in pregnant women.


Combat Nausea

Morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy is likely to make you hurl everything you eat. However, prunes are helpful in fighting nausea and can be eaten safely without feeling the need to throw up.

You can easily carry some in your purse and eat whenever you feel hungry. It is safe and has low sugar content which makes it the perfect snack for mothers-to-be who have high blood sugar. If you have dietary restrictions that don’t let you have other fruits, prunes can be a healthy and safe alternative snacking option during pregnancy.


Prunes definitely have many health benefits during pregnancy. However,like any other food you must have it in moderation. Many women complain of abdominal bloating due to the consumption of prunes during pregnancy. You can also notice flatulence and even diarrhea.

Make sure you consult your doctor and understand the permitted daily intake specific to you before you start eating them. Each pregnancy is unique – you must understand the risks associated with consuming prunes specific to your pregnancy. Just to make sure eat a limited quantity during this critical time to avoid undue complications.