11 Surprising Health Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds for Kids


Boosting and rejuvenating the skin, Treating sundry skin issues, Pomegranate seeds for the hair, Improving the hair health condition, Pomegranate seeds boost the health system, Pomegranate seeds boost in improving the heart health, Pomegranate seeds reduce the risk of cancer, Pomegranate seeds enhance the digestive health system are some of the surprising health benefits of pomegranate seeds for kids.

Do you eat pomegranate seeds? Does it irritate your teeth as it gets stuck in between? Well, our little juicy friends do come with some use. Pomegranates seeds are enriched with multiple nutrients which are necessary for good health.

Benefits obtained from eating pomegranate seeds are plenty and enable kids to develop stronger health systems, supports a healthy heart, cancer prevention, aids in preventing joint pain and arthritis, avoid bacterial infections, contains aphrodisiac properties and even are good workout snacks. Along with this, there are many health benefits included all within this ting pomegranate seed and as you read on, we will discuss this in more depth:

Skin Benefits of Pomegranates Seeds

pomegranate seeds

Being filled with plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C, pomegranate seeds prevent the quick ageing process. Moreover, these antioxidants are brilliant for treating dark spots and acne breakouts along with fighting skin inflammation.

Boosting and rejuvenating the skin

As pomegranate seeds are known to be vitamin C rich, they also contain antioxidants such as flavonoids and proanthocyanidins which work perfectly for delaying signs of the ageing process such as wrinkles.


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Treating sundry skin issues

Consumers who have conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can apply pomegranate seed oil since it is a cure. In addition, drinking crushed pomegranate leaves mixed with water can help in managing vitiligo, however, more research is needed on this.

Pomegranate seeds help in boosting the skin’s capability to protect itself from the heat which is beneficial in treating melasma. Consuming pomegranate seeds and the fruit itself treats rosacea owing to the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties.

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Pomegranate seeds for the hair

Pomegranate seeds help in circulation of the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles. The seed oil is quite famous for its treatment for detangles, and frizzy hair and appears to be effective.

Improving the hair health condition

As mentioned above, consuming pomegranate seeds can make the hair follicles much stronger. Pomegranate seeds contain an acid called Punicic acid which is an ingredient known to make hair stronger. Moreover, it is known to stimulate growth and enhance circulation within the hair scalp.


In addition, the pomegranate seed oil can be used in soothing oil treatments for conditioning curly, wavy hair and help in smoothening frizzy hair. The pomegranate seed oil moisturizes the hair shaft and also helps in detangling the hair.

It is known that pomegranate seed paste can help in reverse greying of hair.

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Pomegranate seeds boost the health system

Pomegranate seeds are antioxidant-rich. Hence, it aids in enhancing the heart health by reducing blood pressure levels and lowers levels of high cholesterol. Furthermore, pomegranate seeds contain anti-diabetic and anticancer properties. As the fibre aids in weight loss and ameliorates the digestive system, there are other antioxidants which help in preventing cancer, inflammation and arthritis.

Pomegranate seeds boost in improving the heart health

Consuming pomegranate seeds enable the heart to pump rich blood. The antioxidants are powerful enough to increase good cholesterol activities and break down oxidized lipids which are harmful hence reducing the risk atherosclerosis.

Pomegranate seeds reduce the risk of cancer

Research states that pomegranate seeds are used to reduce the risks of prostate cancer. Although more research is to be conducted, this is definitely a motivating step in the right direction.


Pomegranate extracts can also cut off the blood supply to tumours making them starved hence reducing their size.

Helping towards diabetes treatment

Research states that the sugars present in pomegranate seeds show no negative impact on diabetes parameters. Moreover, they are used to reduce the diabetes-related atherosclerosis risks.

There are few other compounds which are important such as Gallic, Ellagic, Ursolic acids which are known to have anti-diabetic properties. The sugars present in the pomegranate seeds also seem to attain peculiar antioxidant polyphenols which withstand type 2 diabetes.

Pomegranate seeds can fight against inflammation

Consuming pomegranate seeds can battle against inflammation and other common inflammatory disorders. Research has shown that eating pomegranate seeds can decline oxidative damage and inflammation which is caused by free radicals.

Those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis can find it beneficial to consumer pomegranate seeds as these seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, there is evidence to state how pomegranate seeds can decline the effects of rheumatoid arthritis by producing enzymes which are cartilage destroying, subduing inflammation and reducing the pain and tenderness found in joints.

Pomegranate seeds seem to fight gout by aiding in reducing excess amounts of uric acid. But, research should be considered on this particular issue.


Pomegranates provide strength to the teeth

There have been latest studies which are evident that pomegranate seeds are effectively making the gums stronger and keep the loose tooth in place. Moreover, they are effective in fighting against oral bacteria as they contain antimicrobial properties.

Also, studies have shown that pomegranate seeds have a beneficial effect on ‘dental plaque microorganisms’. However, another study shows that a gel produced from the fruit seems to be very effective in curing gingivitis.

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Pomegranate seeds enhance the digestive health system

Pomegranate seeds help in enhancing the health of the digestive system as they contain B-complex vitamins. These vitamins aid in helping to convert protein, carbohydrates, fat into energy. The pomegranate seeds have fibre which is an important nutrient for digestion.

Enables consumers to shed weight

Confirmation mentions that pomegranate seeds have been used in multiple cases in order to shed weight. All this is made possible due to the fibres present in the fruit itself. Research also states that pomegranate seeds play a role in preventing obesity. How so? Well, the pomegranate seeds, as well as the leaf extract, were found to increase weight loss. And, this can be a beneficial step towards steering healthy and wholesome weight loss.

Help in strengthening the immune system

Pomegranate seeds have powerful antioxidants which help in nourishing the immune system. Research states that these seeds can effectively fight against viruses and bacteria which damage human.


Since pomegranate seeds are enriched with nutrients, it aids in combating exhaustion and fatigue. Moreover, it enhances the blood health and is rich in iron. On the same light, it helps in maintaining the usual platelet count which is essential in attaining recovery from harmful diseases such as malaria and dengue. Pomegranate seeds also decrease the injuries of the liver which is associated with malaria.

The bottom line

Being delicious and juicy, pomegranates, as well as its seeds, are effortless to eat and to provide necessary nutrition. In order to see the perks of pomegranates, you should include them in your child’s diet in order for them to stay healthy and grow well.

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