11 Kid-Friendly Pop Party Songs with Lyrics


Parties can be really difficult to throw where you might have so many things happening at the same time. But then having the right kind of music can literally make the difference that you were looking out for. But when it comes down to children parties and their music, then you might have to be a little skeptical about how you might want to go about it and keeping foul language off the table. In this article, we are going to give you the best kid-friendly songs that are available up for grabs. Let’s get started.

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11 Kid-Friendly Pop Songs That You’ll Still Enjoy

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Katy Perry – fireworks

This is the best song that you could ever play in any kind of kid party. Mainly because of the fact that the lyrics are so meaningful and also have such a deep impact that you could literally start to sing along with it. Its one of those pop songs for parties that you can enjoy with a good beat and have the best kids party ever.

Pharrell Williams – happy

It’s a song that brings back the joy of singing back again. Mainly because of the fact that Pharell has literally given it all to nurture the movie of despicable me 2 and made it such a big hit in a short span of time. One of the most played songs upon release, it works hand in hand to get the best vibes in kid parties.

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Kelly Clarkson – stronger

If energy is what you are looking for, then playing this song in kid’s party will always get you the vibes that you are looking for. Not because of how the song is sung, but then the lyrics that gives out some deep sentiments to the listeners. Along with this it’s a good alternative to the usual rhymes and plays school songs that are really very overrated for a long span of time.

Coldplay – a sky full of stars

A really emotional and soothing song that kids will definitely love to jam over the tunes. It’s a perfect replacement for all those old school ones and songs like this create a very huge change in getting the best in kid’s party’s that you are looking out for. Not only this but then it simply adds life to the party and makes it a wonderful evening to just cherish and enjoy.

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Owl city – fireflies

Nothing more or nothing less is what you want o have in your party and this is a song that could do wonders in making it really an important addition to taking it to a whole new level. The lyrics are something that you can enjoy and it won’t get out of your head that easily as they just rhyme and create a symphony that will resonate each time you even start to hum the song.

Miley Cyrus – party in the USA

If you are a big Hannah Montana fan, then Miley Cyrus is known for getting the best songs on big labels and kids simply adore her. Playing her party songs at any kind of party can make kids go mad and also dance to the beats like never before. With clean lyrics and some melodious tunes, its perfect mash of elegance with beauty to make the kids go bonkers with the beat starts.

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Train – hey soul sister

Want something that is really clean and has the best lyrics of all times? The check this song out for a change as the options are of plenty as you could have if not the best kid party ever. It’s a song that resonates a whole lot more to the best than the lyrics and can make kids of this generation fall in love with it very fast.

Hayley Williams – airplanes

Another example of perfection with an artistic touch, airplanes have been on the mindsets of so many kids even till date despite being a relatively old song. It brings emotion and synergy among the kids to just have a good time with each other. Also adds a bright touch in the background music aspect to make it the best party song ever.

Pink – perfect

Well, it might be considered as a party song only if you get the lyrics and the meaning out of the way. Its all in the beat and how you take the song depends upon you as there are very deep sentiments tied along with the song. Not only this but then it makes up for a perfect background music song that you could play where it could bring up the atmosphere of the kid party back to life.

Taylor Swift – shake it off

With clean lyrics and a really good fast paced beat. It’s the perfect choice for every party organizer to have this song played for the kids to enjoy from. It also adds up to the vibes of the party where it can make it really energetic and cause a stampede in children to take the dance floor and rock the party like never before.

Sia – cheap thrills

No doubt the biggest hit of all times, the music literally is played in every kind of party themed places to just jam the mood in which everyone could have the best time of their lives. Also the same reflects on the kids as well as kids love the song and just want more of cheap thrills to dance the night away to have the best time of their lives.

Hence with so many choices available for your kid’s party, choose anyone of them or all of them to have the best music that you could ever put up in a party. All the best and do the needful.



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