11 Best Tablets for Toddlers


Amazon fire 7, amazon fire hd 8, amazon fire hd 10 kid’s edition, kurio tab advance, Leapfrog platinum, Leap pad 3, leapfrog epic, vtech innotab max, samsung galaxy tab e lite kids edition and apple ipad 9.7 inch are some of the best tablets for toddlers.

Toddlers these days have a lot of demand in the things that they like and want. It’s a phase of life where they want to learn more and more and the only suitable option in this modern era seems to be a tablet. Tablets are of various kinds and there are few that are specially designed for toddlers. Hence let’s take a closer look at the best tablets for toddlers that are available in the market right now. Let’s get started.

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Best Tablet for Kids: Top 11 Tablets to Buy for Kids



Amazon fire 7

It’s a product back from 2015 and it’s more or less the same when compared to the older generation. It’s a perfect tablet for your kids as the price at which you get it is aggressively marketed to enable people to buy more of it. With a sleek and stylish design, it’s something that your toddler would definitely love to take care of.

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Amazon fire HD 8

It’s the best android tablet for kids in 2018 that money can buy. It ticks all the checkboxes that you would want in a kids tablet and makes it really agronomical in making toddlers simply fall for its design and shape. Playback of videos in full HD and also with an amazon kids subscription for a year, your kid is set to exploit the fullest of what it has to offer.

Amazon fire HD 10 kid’s edition

This is mainly designed for the kids who might be of the age between 6-8 years old. The user interface is not very complicated, but has a straightforward way of using it. Not only this but then it doesn’t have any kind of user interface at all. There are only YouTube and parental lock. So feel free to explore your options.

Kurio tab advance

Well if you are looking for an alternative to the interface that the amazing tablets have to offer and want the originality of google play services, then kurio is the best option for you as of now. It supports all kinds of apps and features and with a smart user interface and a hard-shelled case, there is a stiff competition out there. Also, the optimization of apps and software makes it really different from the rest of the tablets in the market for kids.

Apple iPad 9.7 inch

There’s nothing more to tell about an iPad. It’s an iPad that is cheaper and packs in several of the functions that most tablets fail to offer. But giving this to your toddler might seem to be a bit wrong as iPads are fragile and might break under any kind of impact. So think twice before you ever want to give it to your toddler.

Kurio tab 2

It’s a tablet that meets all the requirements that you might want for a toddler’s tablet but then it’s just not quite there. With a flimsy display and not that well-optimized software and a laggy user interface, it makes it not that great of an option. But then with unbelievable options for kids and a wide range of subscriptions that you get free along with the tablet really makes the selling point of this tablet.


Leap Pad 3

Well, it’s designed by Ph.D. scholars and researchers. So keep in mind that it’s designed after a whole lot of thought in mind and also an intense amount of research has been done to create its software and design as well. It’s a really comfortable tablet that provides you with the best user interface and can literally provide your kid with a true tablet experience. But then the software might be something that your kid might take time to get used to. Other than this, it’s all practical and worth every penny.

Leapfrog platinum

Well if the above option isn’t enough for your kids, then try this variant of the leap pad. What this version has is the ability to withstand shocks and damage that the kid might give it. No matter what you do, it tends to take in a good amount of beating before it performs well as new. So, it’s a good alternative to the kids who have sloppy hands.

Leapfrog epic

Again continuing the trend of leapfrog, the other iteration to a line of toddler based tablets is the leapfrog epic. It’s something that has a really good screen with interactive features like a hard shell rubberized case. But then slow software with minimalistic apps and games really doesn’t make anyone buy the tablet at all. Also, limited subscription package that only last for months is a major flaw in the tablet.

VTech InnoTab Max

If you want a cheaper alternative to an iPad, then this is the one to go for. It’s a tablet that can satisfy your toddler’s cravings. It sports some really interesting apps and games and also web browsing can be controlled by parental monitoring. It is a slick tablet for all your toddler’s needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids Edition

This edition of the toddler based tablet is a perfect option form Samsung that can give you the best in class features of everything and anything that you are looking for. With a strong build quality and amazing software experience, it’s a much have for any toddler. But the price was the down selling factor as it costing way to high for the features that it sported.

Hence with so many options available for your toddler, decide the right kind of tablet to help them grow and learn more every day. All the best!!!