7 Best Natural Supplements To Boost Milk Supply


Best natural supplements to boost milk supply include moringa plant, lecithin, thistle, fennel, alfalfa, goat’s rue, and ginger.

Are you becoming worried that your milk supply will stop, are you anxious that your baby will not get the desired nutrition? Worried about your milk supply? Pumping your breast for more milk when your new-born needs it? Supplements are confusing because there is no perfect research on them and people believe in it through the anecdotal sayings that are around us!

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7 Best Natural Supplements To Boost Milk Supply

Moringa Plant

The Moringa plant has been used for lactation around the world for many many years. It has been gaining some attention over the past five years in western countries and North America. Gina Boling a clinical director from the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington says “Moringa plant has shown magical results for my clients.” Though there has been no study on this magical plant some small studies show that there is no harmful effect on the mother. You can easily find moringa in tea form, powder form, capsule form and all this can be easily consumed early morning as a tea or in a smoothie and a lot more!


Lecithin is a must-try if you are considering increasing your milk flow. It is considered safe in postpartum as well as pregnancy. It also helps in emulsifying the milk in the breast ducts, thus increasing the flow and removing the blockage. Lecithin’s based either on sunflower or soy, but it is safe and has shown results for many mothers who are breastfeeding.

Blessed Thistle

It is a herb that is often combined with fenugreek, it helps in increasing the low breast milk supply. It is a typical ingredient that is usually found in nursing teas and commercially available supplements for mothers who breastfeed. This herb is safe and is recommendable for breastfeeding mothers for increasing the milk supply as long as they take it in doses that are recommended by a medical expert.



Fennel is a sweet, indigenous, licorice-flavored herb that is usually found on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. This herb is known for its variety of medicinal uses. It can be consumed in tea or with food as well. And can also be used in fresh salads and sautéed vegetables. It is believed that fennel helps in increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers.


It is the most cultivated crop in history. This crop is full of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants protein, and fiber. It is also one of the main sources of the animals that produce milk. As long as you follow the safety precautions you can add alfalfa to your diet. However, you need to be extra cautious with these crops. Alfalfa is grown in warm conditions, moist environments and is usually vulnerable to bacteria growth. These sprouts and plants can easily grow germs and can be harmful. Thus, if you have a weak or vulnerable immune system you need to be a little careful. You can consider cooking them if you think that the crops are contaminated.

Goat’s Rue

It belongs to the family of fenugreek. In the dried form, goat rue is a safe supplement for breastfeeding mothers to increase the milk supply. The properties of this plant can help mothers to build breast tissue and make more breast milk. The fresh goat rue plant is dangerous and it is advised that one should never use it.


Ginger is a herb that adds flavor to food. It is added to enhance taste in dishes all around the world. Apart from being a beneficial addition to the food it has various benefits in medicinal use as well. It is also taken when one has any digestion-related problem. In various parts of the world, ginger is known to increase the breast milk supply. It can be grated and added to the snacks and food, or it can be put in tea with the help of brewing.


Breast milk is very crucial for newborn babies and mothers need to increase the breast milk supply if they are not able to give the required amount to the baby. It is advised that though many supplements are available in the market one should always go for natural supplements, as they are less harmful. A mother’s body can be vulnerable to many problems and diseases. Still, In the natural supplement, it is advised that the doctor’s guidance is taken regularly.