11 Natural Remedies To Treat Middle Ear Infections


The build up fluid behind the eardrum generally leads to an ear infection. Though most of these ear infections get better over time without the need of any treatment but a number of them gets severe and need extra care. Oftentimes, ear pain is caused by an injury or due to water that is trapped in the ear. Generally physicians prescribe antibiotics to alleviate the pain caused due to the infection. But we have got a number of natural home remedies for your child to ease the pain and get rid of the infection naturally. There are 11 home remedies to treat the middle ear infection ad they will for sure work the best.

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11 Natural Remedies To Treat Middle Ear Infections

1. Garlic Oil

The anti-inflammatory properties in garlic help to relieve the pain and fight an ear infection, be it, viral or bacterial. As and when you notice the first symptom of an ear infection in your child, place a drop of garlic oil into your child’s ear at least three to four times in a day. You can get this at the nearby health food stores. Don’t try to make it by yourself since garlic can be irritating.

2. Onion Earmuffs

Onion has antimicrobial properties that can help to ease the pain and heal the infection. Take half an onion and microwave it in half an inch of water till the time it gets soft. Wrap a cloth around it and then hold it up to your child’s ear for as long as he can tolerate it. Make sure that it gets easier for your child by first making it sure yourself that it isn’t too hot.

Middle Ear Infections

3. Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are known to work much faster than antibiotics. These remedies can help to ease the pain a lot quickly. You can try ferrum phosphoric, which is an anti-inflammatory remedy that particularly targets the eardrum. You can also use it along with garlic oil or alone.


4. Essential oils

Lavender essential oil can help to reduce the inflammation. It can also help to relieve ear infection when used with acupressure. Considering the ear, the acupressure points are located in front of and behind the ear, whereas on the hand, it is space between the thumb and index finger.

5. Wait and watch

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, a wait and watch approach is considered a better option in children who have a low risk of ear infection rather than offering antibiotics at the first place. However, it depends on your child’s age, symptoms and on the fact whether the infection is in one or both the ears. Generally, physicians prefer to wait  between 24 to 48 hours t5o check if the symptoms will improve.

6. Elderberry Syrup and Tea

The anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of elderberry is one of the most preferred natural remedies for those who want to support their immune system naturally. This herb can also be used in other ways such as by making elderberry tea.

7. Comfort measures

Warmth is equally essential for getting the lymphatic fluid moving and providing comfort to the ear pain. You can fill a cotton sock with rice or sea salt and bake it until it gets warm. You can then place it on your child’s ear but make sure that you check it’s not too hot. Generally people prefer salt over rice because it has antimicrobial properties but because salt is comparatively much expensive, so you can also go with the other option.

8. Probiotics

In many cases, ear inflammation is because of food sensitivities. Therefore, it is essential to moderate those sensitivities over time using a number of methods such as the GAPS Diet. It is essential to support the immune system with beneficial bacteria as recommended by a number of practitioners.

9. COD Liver Oil

The clear mechanism of the ear is generally disrupted by the deficiency of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is also essential to improve conditions in other illnesses, for instance, measles. This can prove to be of great relief to your child’s ear and ease the pain.


10. Mullein Oil

Mullein Oil is used in the treatment of respiratory ailments and a number of other illnesses. You can infuse the flowers in olive oil and then apply it on the ear. Make sure you gather enough blooms that can partially fill more than half a jar. Add olive oil to it and let sit for 10-15 days. Strain and place it in a bottle. You can also buy mullein oil from a herb pharm.

11. Herbal Steam Inhalations

Herbal Steam inhalations can help to reduce the swelling that is generally caused by cold and increase the airflow to the Eustachian tubes. For preparation, simply heat water and pour it in a bowl  and add fresh dry herbs into it. You can use German Chamomile, elderberry flowers and lemon balm. Take a towel and cover it over your head and lean over the bowl to trap the steam.  This is one of the best remedies but you have to be extra cautious with the hot water.