Baby Crying: 11 Common Reasons Why Babies Cry


One of the few certain things about babies are that nothing is uncertain. This is true, especially in the case of babies crying. One of the most enduring and panic-inducing mysteries of parenting is the baby crying. However, much like everything else, there is always method to any madness in nature. Babies are bundles of joy who, for obvious reasons, are helpless and totally dependent on their parents to cater to what they need and want. Since they do not have any developed speech patterns to convey said needs and wants, crying is their only resort. Parents need not worry, as there are only a handful of reasons why their babies might be crying. Here are 11 very common reasons for the same:

Baby Crying: 11 Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

11 Common Reasons Why Babies Cry


Sleepiness and tiredness are a very typical cause for babies to cry, as they quite literally clamor for sleep. They do not have a fixed circadian sleep cycle until about when they are 4 months old. An excess of attention from visitors might over-stimulate babies and as they are incapable of relaxing themselves, parents would have to help them in doing the same. Lessening daytime sleep could be a way, as could rocking them in gentle motions, or a lullaby. Taking them to a quiet room could help in relaxing their nerves too.


Another common reason for babies to cry is hunger. Anyone’s mood can be ruined if they are hungry and haven’t eaten in quite a while, and the same can definitely be said for the little ones. Their cries for food are likely to be rhythmic, short, and low-pitched, sometimes with a “neh” sound that comes from their tongue reflexively hitting the roof of their mouth in anticipation of milk. Offering breast milk and/or formula, depending on the baby’s diet would solve the problem quite well.

Dirty nappy

Babies will react differently to dirty diapers. Some will not be able to tolerate the feel of a soiled nappy on their skin for even a minute, whereas many others will be in dirty diapers for hours without a care in the world. A ‘sniff test’ is of course necessary in both cases. One needs to remember that soiled diapers will be irritating to babies who don’t like it, and babies who don’t care much don’t like the cold air suddenly on their sensitive skin. Quick diaper changes and distraction using toys/songs should help.

Belly problems

Apart from crying, a baby can pump their legs, bend their back, or just generally thresh about. If they do this, it can be ascertained that they are suffering from a long drawn stomach ache. There are a couple of easy ways to cure this, bicycling their legs and pushing them to the chest should help, as should holding them on their left side or their stomach.


Need for attention

While babies will have a great time when left to their shiny and jingly toys, they constantly need attention from the people around them, especially their parents, when they have been left alone for an extended period of time. The need for attention is a crucial one in this period of quick bodily and mental development.

General illness

No grownup likes being sick and ill, and that is of course the same for babies everywhere. Regardless of unfounded fears, parents do know how to differentiate between the different cries of their babies, and when they are sick, they do cry in a different manner. The cry could potentially be continuous and high pitched, or the baby might just become atypically quiet. Parents should look for signs of fever, lack of alertness, nausea, and should look to consult their paediatrician immediately.


The process of teething can start at around 4 months of age, and it is quite a painful one for the baby, and one that does start an increase in crying. Giving them a pacifier, a refrigerated teether, and/or your finger/thumb to suck on should help them immensely. Natural relief is the best course of action, although tylenol and motrin in weight-appropriate doses could be used only if the pain is too much for the baby.

Temparature changes

Babies can also cry owing to temperature changes, or if they are feeling too hot or cold all of a sudden. This can be understood from how hot or cold their belly feels to the touch. Sheets and cellular blankets can be used as bedding, as well as a moses’ basket. 18 degrees celsius is considered to be optimal temperature for them, although different babies can feel differently of course. Overdressing should also be avoided in hot conditions.


Babies who usually cry just after feeding do of course need help in getting burped. However, this isn’t the only time when they need burping. For instance, babies need to be burped after having the hiccups, sucking a teether/pacifier, or even crying. All these things can amount to babies swallowing air, so burping can prove to be the reason for some of those inexplicable crying fits. There are many techniques to bring a burp out, like holding them over the left shoulder and rubbing circles in on the left side and back, starting from the hip and going up.

General discomfort

There could be endless reasons for discomfort, such as clothing tags, hair wrapped around toes, or even stuck in our eyes, and itchiness. The only way for a baby to let their parents know of this is through crying. The solution here is to strip them down and inspect them thoroughly for any external factors that might be irritating them.



Arguably the most inexplicable of reasons for a baby to cry is colic. This is defined by the american academy of pediatrics as a condition where an otherwise healthy infant cries more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for more than three weeks in a row. While they can refuse parents’ efforts to soothe them, and can have a painful expression, colic is temporary and doesn’t lead to long-term effects. It is most typically identified with intestinal cramping, but that isn’t always the case. Its just a way of how some babies deal with those early weeks.

Every action of a baby has a reason behind it. You just have to look more closely.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!