51 Unique Mexican Boy Names with Meanings


A name is something that forms the main part of one’s identity. Every culture has its own list of names that are not only beautiful and charming but have many different, yet wonderful meanings. Mexico is a multi-cultural land and sometimes, it is reflected in the names that we know to be very popular amongst the Mexicans. Mexico has many of the names originating from different parts of Europe, these names are also known to be Mexican as they are so commonly loved and used by the people.

51 Beautiful Mexican Names for Baby Boy with Meanings

Name Meaning
Abundino Abundance
Alejandro Defender of man
Alvaro All guard or cautious
Amador Lover or lovable
Arturo Courageous, noble, strength of the bear
Beltran Bright raven
Benedicto Blessed
Bernardo Bold as a bear
Berto Intelligent
Bruno Brown
Camilo One who helps the priest
Carlos Strong
Cedro Strong gift
Danilo God is my judge
Dante  Everlasting
Diego To supplant
Domenico Of the Lord
Donatello Gift from God
Eduardo Prosperous or wealthy guardian
Emanuel God is with us
Emilio To rival, to strive or to excel
Enrico King
Esequiel God strengthens
Eugenio One of royal birth
Fabio One who grows beans or beans
Fausto Lucky or fortunate
Felipe Lover of horses or love
Felix Lucky or happy
Fernando Adventurous or daring
Fidel Faithful
Frederico One who rules in peace
Gaspar Treasurer
Geraldo One who rules by the spear
Gilberto Bright pledge
Godfredo Friend of God
Gregorio Watchful
Hector To hold fast or tenacious
Henrique Ruler of the home
Hernando Adventurous, voyageur or bold
Hugo Intelligence in mind, body and spirit
Iago One who supplants
Isaias God is salvation
Ivan Gift from God
Jasper One who brings treasure
Jose May God increase
Juan God is gracious or merciful
Julio Youth
Lazaro God helps
Lorenzo From the laurel trees
Marco Hammer or warring
Miguel Who is like God