201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with H


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with H, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with H with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with H

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Names Meaning
Hudson English – Son of Hudd; Son of Hugh;
Hunter A person who hunts wildlife
Habbie A per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert, meaning famous and bright
Hackman Servant, one who serves
Haddan A heath covered slope
Hadden From the heath
Haddon Child of the heather-filled valley
Haden Basically Abdul Muzanni was a narrator of Hadith.
Hadley From the heath covered meadow
Hadly variations of the name Hadley
Hadon From the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated land
Hadwin War friend in english, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the war
Hagan Young (In Gaelic), Little Hugh (In Irish) Strong defender (In Teutonic )
Hagaward custodian of the hedged enclosed space
Haglee Bordered by hedges, Surrounded by hedges
Hagleigh enclosed meadow, together with grazing land
Hagley From the hedged enclosure
Hagly From the hedged enclosed space
Haha Exclamation of Surprise;
Hailen English – Hollow; A derivative of Halen
Haiuoen Welsh Boy names
Halbert Shining jewel, Dazzling hero
Halburt Conqueror, Brave Man, Suparman
Hale who lived in a corner, Robust
Halebeorht Bright Hero
Haligwiella Resides by Holy Spring
Halin Hall dweller, Dweller from the manor
Hallam Dweller in the remote Valley;
Halley From the hall in the grove
Hallford From the Valley Ford
Hallsey From Hal’s Island
Hallstein Settlement in a nook
Hallsten English – Estate on the hill; A variant of name Halston
Hallsy Variant of Halsey
Hallward Guardian of the Hall
Hamell Variation of Hammil
Hamelstun From the Grassy Estate
Hamelton Home-lover’s Estate
Hamid praised, commendable
Hamill Hill with Grass
Hamilton mutilated, crooked and dun, hill
Hamlet House or home, Prince of Denmark
Hammer tool that delivers a blow
Hammet From the Little Home, Village
Hammett Son of hamo
Hammood Thankful, Gratified, Grateful
Hammud Thankful, appreciative, Grateful
Hamna Blessed Sparrow of Haven
Hamnet House; Introduced from Germany During the Norman Conquest
Hamnett From the small Home
Hamo House or Home
Hamoelet From the modest House
Hamon House;name given during the Norman Conquest
Hamond chief protector, guardian of the home
Hamp Old English – High settlement; A variant of name Hampton
Hampton homestead farm
Hamra Fair Woman, Red
Hamraaz Who has and shared the Secret
Hamraz Confidant, Close friend
Hancarate A thoughtful counseltor
Hand Worker
Handlea Elevated field
Handy English – Skillful with one’s hands;
Haneca An old English surname
Hanford From the high ford
Hanlea From the Elevated field,
Hanlee From the High Meadow
Hanly From the High grazing land
Hanoch devoted, faithful, initiated
Hansford He who comes from the stony ford
Hansse Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness,
Happy delighted, pleased, glad, charmmed
Happyen One who is happy
Harac From the antique Oak Tree
Haraford From the hare’s ford
Harbor A Sheltered Port; A place of refuge; A variant of Harbour
Hardi From the heart,variant of the English and German Hardy
Hardie nickname for a brave or hotheaded man
Hardin Harding variation, A pet (French) brave, strong German
Harding Brave, hardy, strong
Hardred A firm man of red hair
Hardulph Brave wolf, old Anglo Saxon the hill
Hardwin Brave friend, Daring Friend
Hargrave A family name of ancient anglo saxon family name
Hargreave Grove inhabited by hares
Hargrove Old English – From the Hare’s Grove
Harhold power, leader, ruler, from Germanic elements, King
Harl hare meadow, hare clearing (Harley)
Harlak Resides at the hare’s lake
Harlake Lives at the hare’s lake
Harleigh rock meadow, hare meadow
Harlem A variant of name Harlim; Name of a vibrant neighborhood in the New York city
Harlen hare land
Harley hare wood or meadow
Harlin Noble Friend, Noble worrier
Harlow English surname which also means Army
Harlowe From the hare’s hill
Harlyn A form of the name Harlan
Harper Old English – Harp player; Harp, Harpar, Harpo and Harpor are few variants of Harper
Harpo Old English – Harp player; A variant of Harper
Harrington family farm
Harris A surname derive from Harry
Harrison son of Harry
Harriss A son of the man who rules the estate
Harron Plain or Level ground
Harry House ruler, Prince Harry
Harrye An estate’s ruler
Harsent an English poet and TV scriptwriter Norman
Hartford From the Stag’s Ford; Few of variants are Hartforde, Hartfurd, and Hartfurde
Hartlea Field of deer
Hartly Stag Grazing land
Hartman Fast Runner
Hartun From the gray estate
Hartwill Stag pool, Lives near the stag’s spring
Hartwood From the Stag’s Forest; Deer Forest; Variants are Harwood, Heortwode, and Heortwood
Harwin A friend of the hare, a brave friend
Harwood Deer wooded area
Harwoods From the wood of hares
Harwyn A friend of the hare
Hascuil A diligent person who has potential
Haslet From hazle-tree land
Haslett From the Hazel Tree Land; One who dwelt at the head of the hazel wood; A variant of Hazlett
Haslitt Belongs to hazel tree land
Hatcher Old English – Gate Keeper
Hattem A city in the eastern Netherlands
Havana The capital city of Cuba
Haven Place of Safety; Shelter
Havih An insightful, famous and priceless person
Hawksley A topographic name from Middle English Hauk – Open Country; Grassland; Field
Hawly From the Hedged Meadow; A variant is Hawley
Hawthorn One who lives near the hawthorn hedges
Hawthorne A topographic name for someone who lived by a bush or hedge of Hawthorn
Hayden Heather-Grown hill
Haydon From the hedged in valley.
Haydrian A variant of Hadrian meaning Son of Adrian
Haygen A surname and Variant of name Hagan which means strong defender
Haynes A surname, meaning a hawthorn berry fields
Hayward Guardian
Haywood Fence wood
Hazlett From the Headland with hazel Trees
Hazlitt Cliff with the hazel trees
Headd A chief whose counsel was sought in the matters of law
Headley Lucky, Successful, Smart
Heahfrith responsible, stable, Serious-minded
Heahhbeorht strife and war
Heahmund easy-going, friendly nature
Heahred sensitive, friendly, and practical nature
Heahweard Chief guardian
Healhtun From the hill slope estate
Healing To restore to health
Healleah From the manor house meadow
Heallstede From the mansion house
Healum Lives at the Hall’s Slopes
Heanleah From the lofty meadow
Hearda Great lover of nature
Heardbehrt Bright and glorious
Heardinc strong sense
Heardind from the hares valley
Heardred Unconditional love, Gift, Goodness, Truth
Heardwine Brave Friend
Heardwulf Strong wolf, brave
Hearn Horse lord, from the corner
Hearpere HERPIST
Hewin A well-born, noble man
Hewitt Little smart one
Hewlett Little Hugh, Intelligent
Hewlitt Mind Little Hugh, Intellect, Intelligent One
Hewrey A noble man who lives near a rye field
Hewson Settlement of Houses, Son of Hugh
Heywood From the Hedged Forest
Hiatt From the High Gate
Hickory Hickory is in reference to the tree;
Hid From the Hide
Hilarius Happy; Cheerful
Hildbrand War Sword
Hill Hill
Hillard cheerful; from the enclosure on
Hiller From the Yard on a Hill
Hilton from the town or estate on the hill
Hims A persons dwelling place, a birthplace
Hinckley Old English – Bear-Cub; Wood; Clearing; A habitational name from a place in Leicestershire
Hindrick leader of the house
Hinton English – High settlement; A variant is Henton
Hirel One who comes from the heathers field
Holcomb From the Deep Valley
Holdin From the Hollow Valley
Holdyn From the unoccupied Valley
Holecomb From the very deep Valley
Holecombe A name for a deep hollow valley; energetic
Holgate a township in the suburbs of York
Hollace Near the Holly
Hollaman It’s a fairly old and uncommon name.A variant of Holliman
Hollis Lives by the Holly Tree
Holly Plant With Red Berries
Holman Man from the Valley
Holmes From an island
Holt a den or an area of woodland
Homar Given as Hostage; Promised
Homayoon Royal; Fortunate
Homen Human
Hopper Son of Hob; Jumper; A variation of the name Hopkins
Horten From the Gray Settlement
Horton Surname created from an Old English place-name usually meaning “muddy farmstead”.
Hot A feeling of warmth

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