13 Natural Remedies for Curing Menstrual Disorders in Women


Periods in women are a natural process which every woman must undergo from puberty age for approximately another 30 years of her life. The number of years may vary based on body conditions and age. Menstruation is a natural cycle which occurs every 28 days where the body prepares to conceive a new life. After the incubation period, if there is no fertilization of the sperm and the ovum, the woman’s body undergoes a discard cycle. During this cycle, which lasts for about 3-5 days, the endometrium wall is expelled out along with the unfertilized ovum. The process is painful as it is accompanied by blood loss and abdominal cramps, dizziness, headache, etc.

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Menstrual Disorders: 13 Natural Remedies

menstrual disorders remedies

Menstruation cycle is a crucial pathway for having a trouble-free reproductive life in women. However, due to several reasons, menstrual cycle may face some challenges. An irregular period is a sign of a menstrual disorder. There are other problems that arise due to irregular periods, i.e. PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). There are numerous reasons due to which menstrual problems surface, viz.:

  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Excessive stress in work life and personal life.
  • Hectic lifestyle.
  • Drinking alcohol beyond normal permissible limit.

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While the doctor is always next door, too much of pain-relieving medications might have a bigger impact later. At this stage, resorting to home remedies would be the best options. At the comfort of your own space, the below methods are the ones, that can prevent menstrual disorders in women:

  1. Heating Pad: Those days in a woman it is all about abdominal cramps and real pain in this case. A heating pad will do the relief work for the body and contain the pain. The muscles will dilate and take in more oxygen to prevent any buildup of fatigue and tiredness.
  2. Keep Hydrating: Body dehydration can play severe role in prolonging the painful symptoms of menstrual cycle. Keep your body hydrated always, to prevent menstrual cycle pain.
  3. Ginger Tea: The natural component of ginger tea fights irregular periods. Rich in anti-inflammatory ingredient, it provides relief from the immense pain. Consumption of hot ginger tea during periods will relax the internal muscles and reduce further pain.
  4. Papaya: This wonder fruit is of great help in tackling a major problem during periods; excessive bleeding. This heavy flow causes discomfort and irritation. Consuming papaya during the days of periods will help regulate the blood flow and relieve pain.
  5. Yoga, Meditation & Exercise: One of the major contributors of menstrual disorders in women is stress. Hectic work schedules contribute a lot to this stress. Bust this stress by doing some yoga and meditation, as these will calm the mind down. An everyday effort of 10 mins can relieve you from the stress.
  6. Work from Home: Period days are the toughest ones in a woman’s life. If possible of a flexible work option, one can try for working from home and relieve the extra pain that is already on the way for the next 3-5 days.
  7. Cinnamon: This naturally occurring spice is known for its ability to regulate menstrual cycles and reduce the concurrent cramps. Cinnamon also provides warmth to the body, which again will help in tackling the immense pain and agony.
  8. Sesame seeds with Jaggery: Sesame seeds can regulate menstrual cycles along with hormonal balance. They are also comprised with ligans which binds extra hormones. The fatty acid content regulates the optimum balance of hormones in the body. Sesame seeds can be coupled with Jaggery before consumption. This forms an awesome medley and functions the best.
  9. Turmeric: Being purely a medicinal food, turmeric surrounds the body with a warm halo which helps manage the cramps. Turmeric medicinal properties can also regulate the menstrual flow thereby managing the pain during menstruation. Turmeric can be consumed with a glass of milk, honey or Jaggery.
  10. Aloe Vera Juice: Known for its various functions, aloe vera juice when consumed during periods regulate the flow and helps relieve the painful cramps. Consumption of the same every day of the periods will help in managing the cycle well.
  11. Lavender Oil: This is a magical oil that relieves abdominal pain in no time. When suffering from extreme cramps, apply lavender oil to get a huge relief.
  12. Fruits: Period days are mainly comprised of blood loss. Compensating the same with good food, especially fruits are extremely necessary. This will also maintain a better immunity and protect from secondary infections.
  13. Keep it Simple: Follow a simple diet for this 3-5 days’ time. This will ask you to avoid red meat and meat completely. Meat generally generates excessive heat and too much of that can lead to heavy blood loss.

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Menstrual disorders are rather common in the modern-day world and are increasing in number. The major contributor is stress and hectic lifestyle. Following the above shall keep such problems at a bay! A normal steady lifestyle is extremely crucial for a healthy menstrual cycle.

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