11  Ways to Make Money as a Teenager


Working part time in food outlets, baby sitting, giving tuition, putting up food trucks, working in movie complexes and teaching sports are simple ways to make money as a teenager.

Young kids these days have a lot of expenses and what makes them eager to earn money is that they want to be independent . This trend is very common in the west , and in the developed eastern countries . These are 11 ways to make money as a teenager.

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11 Simple Ways to Make Money as a Teen

make money as a teen

Part time job in a food outlet or restaurant.

Food is something that young people love a lot . With the new fashion of food startups and ventures, new arenas are opening all the startups need young and vibrant people to work in their organization .  This opens a wide variety of fields for young students. Young teens can earn money by helping out in eating outlets like dominos , pizza hut , dunkin’ donuts , mr.brown , costa coffee and starbucks .  These outlets are safe for girls and boys both . These restaurants are credible, licensed and family – friendly . These outlets give enough wages that are required by teenagers . This will add to the resume of many teens as a community service which most of the universities in united states pose as a requirement .

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Baby sitting of/for neighbours and landlords.

Young teens can do babysitting while they are in their vacation period . Those teens who live away from their family can do babysitting for their landlord or if they live with their family they can do for their neighbour . As this work is hazard free and requires less patience and hard work it is suitable for young teens .

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Teaching children or giving tutions in person or online (e – learning ).

Many teens who are in tenth and twelfth grade and also those who are in college can give tutions to young kids . As teaching subjects in which one is expert is both pretty , fun and easy  . It requires hardwork but promises a good fixed sum of money . It can be a revision for the teen who is taking up the task of teaching and also kids understand easily by their young fellow mates . This work will generate qualities like helping , caring , responsibility , hardwork and leadership in teenagers .

Doing holidays project and stuff.

Teens who are good in art and craft can have a gala time in the holiday season . In the summer break , schools give a lot of homework/projects that is basically tough for kids to do . Many kids are lazy and find it tough to complete the homework and parents also are mostly working so they also don’t get time to do the work . People rather wait for planning to go out on vacation with family . Teenagers these days can earn and charge huge sums for their creative work . People love creative work and can give any amount for it . This is because their child’s impression will improve infront of the teachers . Charts , models , wall hangings , posters and what not is their in the holiday homework/projects .  These things are easy and fun to make .

Internship in social organizations and other organizations that require volunteers

Many social organizations need teens for their paperwork , digital work and storage . For this all young teenagers can apply easily and give their powerful skills and earn a handsome amount . These teenagers do the work in reasonable rates , so these organizations get rid of people who charge really high for little parts of work . Social organizations like united nations, voices of youth and breakthrough take up many volunteers in their different sessions .

Online data feeding / tally and working for restaurant based applications like zomato , food panda and grubhub.

These apps have a lot of data to store and edit . Teenagers have this quality that they are really smart in data handling . These apps pay students /teenagers really good per day wages which can be really wholesome .


Starting instagram page on food recipes in which you specialize.

Many teens have some or the other activity in which they specialize . Many specialize in making food recipes and other dishes . Posting original and self made recipes of attractive dishes which have new ideas can attract a huge fan -following and attract sponsors and advertisements which will give money to you .

Putting up food trucks on busy streets providing tasty and clean street food.

Many teens can plan to put food trucks and sell street food made on the spot . These street foods can be a source of huge money with just a little investment and huge profit . Once people start liking it , it will have a really great sale . This work is suitable to teens as they can take out some time in the evening and have a great sale. These foods usually have a secret recipe or mouth – watering taste , and attracts many youngsters . It is common in cities like new york. Trucks like super tacos and waffles and dinges are very famous where youngsters are independent enough to showcase their ideas and talent .

Working in movie complexes.

In the united states , movie complexes which show movies both old and new require young teens who can be ready enough and present on the counters with their bright faces so that people love to visit the complex . These complexes have works like serving popcorn, booking and giving tickets on the counter and cleaning the complex. Vibrant and hardworking young teens can be a great source for these complexes for getting their work done . These complexes give per day wages but in rare case pay for the whole month together . These activities can be a great source of money for teenagers .

Making birthday cards and taking up orders from people on birthday and marriage anniversaries . Starting a youtube channel and instagram page showcasing these ideas.

Teenagers who have good decorative skills can start a business of making birthday cards and other personalised gifts for people on special days of their loved ones . This business never gets down and is never on losses as every day someone or the other will have his / her birthday . Once these ideas go online there can be huge loads of orders as a huge amount of public is seeing it . And thus publicity can be done on platform like whatsapp and snapchat , thus it is cost – effective  and cheap .

Teaching sports like aerobics , zumba , badminton , baseball, hockey and football. One can also teach hobbies like / painting / music / martial arts / taekwondo / singing in the nearby locality to children in the evening . Providing services like massage , yoga sessions and beauty services.

If any teenager is good in sports and other above mentioned activities and is a national level player or even state or regional level he she can use his / her skills to impart them on young & enthusiast children . Young , passionate and little kids can get a great coaching through this . All the extra – curricular activities have a great market these days as parents want their child to learn and be an all – rounder pupil . A masseur is a really required profession these days as people have tiring and hectic schedules in workplaces . Providing Yoga sessions , becoming a yoga instructor and giving beauty services requires a short training and short-term course which can be really helpful and promising in the future as far as monetary gains are concerned .