Top 11 Healthy Meal Ideas For Teenager


While growing up often you have heard of yourself complaining or rather demanding your parents to feed you something tastier, delicious and maximum of them use to be a ready-made food. As it is easy to cook and yummy to have. But is it healthy to have such snacks or meals in everyday life? Well no I suppose. Teenage is said to be the most critical and complicated age as it not only changes a person internally but also externally. Starting with hormonal changes, physical changes and then comes emotional maturity which leads to mood swings as well. So food which helps the teenager as a whole needs to be provided.

healthy meal ideas for teenager

11 Best Healthy Meal Ideas for Teenagers


This is one famous or most liked food for teenagers. It is first of all very easy to cook and helps one with establishing full stomach within no time. Sandwich contains veggies, and you favorite cuisine which can be potato, chicken, mutton, salmon anything your child wishes to have. It will be ready in no time and you can makes it as healthy as you wish.


Often when teenagers or anyone happens to be hungry they try to find something which is easy and fast to cook. Ramen is another very common meal which teenagers can feed themselves with vegetables, and other side products that will give them the nutrients and minerals as a whole.


Those who are non-vegetarian for them egg is one favorite thing to have in a daily basis and omelet is one meal which is very easy to cook and serve. By having egg it not only provide protein to the body but also helps an individual carry on which hectic schedule for 10 hours long.


Who doesn’t like pasta? Well, it’s a teenager favorite food which is easy to cook and really delicious to have. One can use any toppings while making pasta and make it healthy and tasty all at once.



Pancakes act as a quick meal to have and it is easy to make as well and can be taken with honey, jam to make it more delicious.


As we already got to know the benefits of eggs, egg roll is another food which is quite famous in all over the world and is easy to make as well. It carries all the nutrients as per wish and gives energy.

Fruit custard

Fruit custard is an absolute treat to have for all the fruit lovers and also those who believes in dieting and all. Fruits contains all the necessary minerals and nutrients which will help the body survive through anything and moreover fruits are mood maker they can help with mood swings which is very common in teenagers.

Milk with dry fruits

Suppose you don’t know how to cook and there is nobody in the house to ask for help, you better feed yourself milk and some dry fruits which will surely help you gain some energy and it tastes good as well. This meal acts as an energy booster, which contains calcium, iron, protein etc.


This is a mood uplifting food, not a meal but yes muffins can be baked in different flavor and some of them are made with some dry fruits in it which is not only delicious but is also very healthy.

Banana smoothie

Now this is an absolute liquid meal which provides you almost everything for your body like calcium for your bones, for bowel movements and vitamin C and A. it helps with your vision and also with your mind.



Oats comes in different flavor and you can feed yourself with is as many teenagers are very conscious about their weight so oats helps you maintain your weight and also helps you stay healthy and fit.


Teenagers goes through a lot in their day to day life, like studies, sports and other curriculum activities and for all that they need energy which obviously comes from meals which are light and can help someone concentrate pretty well in work. All the above mentioned foods are light and really easy to have even for a 15 year old teenager who doesn’t know how to cook.


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