11 Lyme Disease Symptoms in Children


Lyme is a perineal health ailment that affects various body systems. Examples in this regard would be joints, nervous system, heart and the skin. You could experience single symptoms or a multiple progression of it.

Lyme Disease Symptoms in Children

Most kids who are prone to Lyme if treated immediately with antibiotics provide better prognosis.  But if it is unattended or not treated for a long time it becomes a difficult proposition. The bacteria could attack your nervous system, eyes and muscles. The reaction ability of each individual to Lyme is different. Some may experience a major chunk of symptoms, whereas in case of others it could be restricted to a few.

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1} Rash

A red rash emerges at the point of a bite within a few days. More rashes emerge as the bacteria make its way through the blood stream. The rash could develop into other forms like blisters or a raised rash. If there is a rash, you would need to get it treated immediately.

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2} Fatigue

Whether you have a liking for it or not, the earliest symptoms of Lyme disease would be following a flu like pattern. You may feel the need to take rest at frequent intervals. Eventually fatigue will have its say on your body.


3} Joints are swollen

An early symptom could be a swollen joint. Motion is restricted with a certain degree of stiffness felt. The pain tends to make its way towards your neck and then proceed towards the heels. In fact more than a single joint could be affected.

Lyme Disease

4} Fever accompanied by headache

The symptoms could be low level, but you could not attribute Lyme as a cause. It is pretty difficult to figure out Lyme disease symptoms with a viral infection. In case of some kids the symptoms may come and leave on a frequent basis. If the symptoms indicate negligible levels of flu and keeps on recurring at regular basis, then it could indicate Lyme.

5} Disturbance in sleep in combination with night sweats.

During the course of Lyme, sleep disturbances are common. At night pain in your joints could disturb sleeping patterns. The body temperature keeps on fluctuating accompanied by chills or night sweats that could wake you up. The head along with the face seems flushed.

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6} Cognitive decline

Varied types of cognitive declines emerge, that could send shivers down your spine. The concentration levels of kids taper off at work or in school. Memory lapses are witnessed at frequent intervals and parents have to keep the reminding certain things. The brain is in a position to process information in a slow manner.


Sometimes when you are about to head home you will forget on how to get there. At first you may attribute this to age but decline in abilities may slowly strike you.

7} Sensitivity to night and light visions.

Bright lights may seem to a bit uncomfortable. Sunglasses could be worn outdoors, but when light sensitivity is noticed indoors and you need to wear sunglasses it is not a noble idea. Some kids go on to report a blurred vision.

8} Neurological problems

It could be specific and appear at subtle intervals.  Lyme disease symptoms could be less coordination in your movements or you could trip or fall. This sort of situation would never have been experienced by you. In certain cases the bacteria may affect cranial nerves.

9} Skin outbreaks

Any form of skin disorders emerged early in Lyme disease. It could be itchy or at a more serious level. Unexplained rashes could be one of the symptoms of Lyme disease as well.

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10} Heart problems

Lyme bacteria tend to take over your heart tissue termed as Lyme carditis. The symptoms could range from a mild to severe level. Any form of bacterial interference could lead to shortness of breath, chest pains or heart palpitations. This inflammation that is caused disrupts the electrical signal from one chamber of the heart to another. In medical terminology it is known as heart block. In fact it could affect your heart muscle as well.


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11} Mood swings

You are likely to be depressed, anxious or your emotions are going to get the better of you. With Lyme disease your mood levels are bound to fluctuate. A majority of patients also experience irritability as a major symptom.

To conclude, Lyme is a grave tick born ailment with varied levels of symptoms. If it is detected at an early stage and treatment mechanisms adopted in the form of antibiotics better results can emerge. Professional medical help would also not be a bad idea.

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