11 Herbs to Ensure Good Sleep to Your Teenager


Good sleep is a prerequisite to good health and sound mind. This is even more true for teenagers since they are in a growing phase – both mentally and physically. Owing to this they need more sleep than adults. Studies have shown that an average teenager needs about nine hours of sleep to stay active and alert and to nourish and exercise his or her potential at the optimum level. However, they hardly get that amount of sleep. Their busy schedules, maturing sexuality and a variety of activities add to their lack of sleep. Add to these the addictions like social media and smartphone and you have a perfect recipe for sleep disturbance. If you cannot make your teenager child get a good night’s sleep, you can certainly help him.

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Herbs to Ensure Good Sleep to Your Teenager

Listed below are herbs that can ensure a good night’s sleep for him. Let’s go through some of them.

1} Chamomile

Chamomile or Matricaria chamomilla (scientific name) has been used for treating restlessness, anxiety and irritability for a long time. It has the distinguished quality of soothing the nervous system. People take chamomile tea to pacify their nervous system and catch a good sleep. You can help your teenager boy or girl with a daily dose of chamomile tea.

2} Lavender

The smell of lavender is relaxing; it soothes the nervous system. It is used as an ingredient of aromatherapy to cure some ailments including sleep disturbance. You can just sprinkle lavender essential oil on the pillow of your teenage daughter or son.

3} Valerian

This herb has also been used for centuries for treating sleep disorders. It has been found that this herb is helpful in calming down nervous tension caused by anxiety. As teenagers do suffer from anxieties at various points of time, valerian can be a good remedy for lack of sleep in them. You can take it in powdered form at least one hour before going to sleep.


good sleep to teenager

4} Passionflower

This flower is used for treating insomnia since it has sedative properties. It contains a chemical called GABA which has a calming effect on the brain. It does not exhibit much side effect either. You can tell your teenager boy or girl to take it as tea.

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5} Sculcap

This herb has been found to have an effect on the body’s endorphine level. It stimulates the brain to release endorphin, the feel good hormone for your mind. This is why this herb can help overcome anxiety and worry which may be responsible for lack of sleep in your teenager child. You can make an infusion by soaking the herb it in water for a long time. Sprinkle the infused water on the bed and pillow of your teenager child.

6} Lemon balm

This herb has been traditionally used as a treatment for disorders of nervous system. It is a well-tolerated herb and has been found to reduce symptoms of anxiety and nervousness. The essential oils present in this herb act on the nervous system to give you the effect of calmness. You can make an infusion of this herb by soaking it in water for a long time. Sprinkle this infusion on the bed or keep it at one corner of the room.

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7} Mulunga

This is a herb with strong sedative property. It helps in calming down the nervous system and encourages deep sleep. It also helps people suffering from anxiety and depression. To benefit from it you can take some bark from the herb and simmer it in water for around 15 minutes, but don’t boil the decoction. Let it cool and make your teenager child drink it around 20 minutes before going to bed.

8} California poppy

Native Americans used to take California poppy to promote sleep. It also controls nervousness. The best part is that it can be taken as a smoke, but you can also take it as a tincture. Simmer a cup of water and add just two teaspoons of the herb into it. Cover the cup for at least 10 minutes and make your teenage child take it around half an hour before going to bed.

9} Hops

This herb has long been used as a sedative. It also stimulates and strengthens the digestive system. So if your teenager child is also suffering from gastrointestinal disorders you can give him tea made from this herb. Let him take a cup of Hops tea at night around 20 minutes before going to bed.

10} Withania somnifera

Stress can be one of the reasons for lack of sleep. When there is a rise in stress level there is a rise in cortisole level too. This disturbs sleep. With the help of Withania somnifera you can bring down the level of this hormone and therefore the stress level. This will automatically help your teenager child to have a good sleep.

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11} Catnip

Catnip is a aromatic herb with dark green leaves. The dried leaves and flowering top are the parts used in medicine. This herb has the property to relax the nervous system, although it may not be called a typical sedative. You can prepare tea with catnip powder.


Good sleep is vital for your child’s physical and mental development. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure your teenager gets enough sleep to stay on the normal course of development. Try out these excellent herbs that promise to give good sleep to your growing child.