11 Dinosaur Movies Your Kids Would Love


Movies, especially dinosaur movies or sci-fi movies, not only entertain but also helps one get more knowledge and explore a lot of things. Kids of the age of 5 and above understand movies and they get to know a lot of things through the world of animation. They explore themselves through the medium of animation that is a cartoon. Kids love cartoons and they also love animals that are double the size. Movies provide enough knowledge about everything going on in this world and above all it makes one curious to know more.

dinosaur movies

11 Dinosaur Movies Your Kids Would Love

The good dinosaur

It’s one of the most charming dinosaur movies about a dinosaur who is very different than the identity of a ‘normal’ dinosaur. That dinosaur meets a jungle boy with whom he spends a maximum of the time and learns a lot about survival and tolerance and also becomes courageous.

Barney’s great adventure

Kids have seen a purple-green dinosaur who use to be a cartoon. Later this dinosaur was named Barney who now enjoys and plays with kids. It doesn’t seem dangerous at all and rather kids enjoy watching Barney.

Ice age: dawn of the dinosaur

Ice age is a very famous movie with many parts. The first one began with human relations with wildlife animals like tigers, mammals, and jaguars, their beautiful bond, and the way they are together and fight any given situation. One of the parts of the ice age was the dawn of the dinosaur where the dinosaur era was shown with amazing animation and creativity which was loved by the kids.

Jurassic park

Have you ever thought of a park with the existence of dinosaur in it? Well, this movie is an amazing creation of the Jurassic era. It was scary, exciting, interesting and above all, it gave a brief knowledge to children about dinosaurs, their height, the color, their paws everything. It actually gave an idea about what would have happened if dinosaurs were still alive.


The land before time

A movie that gives an idea about the past life, or time which had already got extinct. There were many different kinds of dinosaurs. Just like in this world how an orphan becomes a part of the family, in the same way during that time, a brontosaurus was an orphan and had to live with other animals. The movie is about how he managed and grew with them. It’s a cartoon movie and thus every kid will enjoy it throughout and the movie also teaches habits such as friendship, sharing, caring, and also supporting one another.

Land of the lost

Dinosaurs don’t exist anymore and thus this movie is basically about what actually happened and how they becoma extinct.

Night at the museum

It is a very funny movie not related to dinosaur only. It is related with all animals that have become extinct from the world. This movie is about an old caretaker who comes to a museum. After which a lot of comedic incidents happen in that museum. Children will thoroughly enjoy this movie.

We’re back: A dinosaurs story

What if dinosaurs were not extinct and were part of our life today? What if they were friendly like a dog and could be kept as a pet? Well, all these what ifs are kind of shown real in this movie and it is termed as most interesting as the animation makes it look all real and fascinating.

Jurassic world

This movie is a sequence of Jurassic park. In this movie the whole scenario of dinosaurs come out of the age and making the whole world looks scary and impossible to live in. the start is amazing and so is the whole movie. The way it is being filmed looks absolutely real and scary. Moreover it provides important knowledge to kids about dinosaur.


This movie is about dinosaurs and humans co existing and living together. Dinosaurs are coming in use to humans and humans are taking good care of the dinosaur. Nice movie for kids to watch.


Secret of lost legend

Every animal has a childhood but all we got to know about dinosaur was how they use to look when were all grown. This movie is basically about their childhood, and what would have happened if they had been kept as a pet and grown normally with a family.


The above mentioned movies are knowledgable, scary at times but mostly an amazing watch. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a tub of popcorn and settle down with your kid and watch these movies!!