21 Beautiful Korean Baby Boy Names


Often parents look for an inspiration to name their child. They name their child in remembrance of someone beloved, favourite actor, great places, good meaning, or sometimes language of origin. If you are looking for a different language of origin, then why not try Korean names. Korean dramas and its actors are trending nowadays. Not only their dramas, but also their names have beautiful meaning. If you want to choose a good Korean name for your baby boy, then here are best Korean baby boy names.

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21 Unique and Beautiful Korean Baby Boy Names

korean baby boy names

Name Meaning
Joon Woo Joon means handsome and Wo means divine intervention, protection or rain.
Seo Joon Seo means auspicious, Joon means handsome.
Ye Joon Ye means Art or craft and Yoon means handsome.
Baek Hyeon Baek means older brother. Hyeon means worthy and virtuous. Simply it means virtuous brother.
Bon-Hwa One who is glorious
Chin-Hae Truth or depth of the ocean.
Daeshim Greatest mind
Du-Ho Head and goodness
Haneul Heavenly
Hwan Bright
Hyun-Shik The roots of wisdom
In-Su Preserving wisdom
Iseul Dew
Korain One who is luminous and glorious
Seung Successor or winning
Won-Shik Head or the root, the head of the family
Young Forever unchanging
Young-Soo Keeping prosperity
Ha-Neul Gold, treasure, truth, pearl
Joo-Chan Righteous
Hye A bright and intelligent man.

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