21 Fun Places to See in London Before Your Kid Turns 11


If we think that we have seen all that London has to offer, then that is the biggest misapprehension one can harbour. London has a wide range of destinations that one must visit be it a tourist or a local resident. From Museum’s to adventure parks, London has it all. At times even though we do have the time to go on an outing but lack of knowledge regarding the best attractions of the country leaves one in a dilemma of what to do next. Here is a list of best and must visit London attractions that parents can go with their children this vacation.

21 Best Places to Visit in London

Fun Places to See in London for Kids 

The natural history museum

At times parents wish that the trip they plan should not only be fun but academically enriching for the kids as well. The Natural History Museum in Kensington and Chelsea London is a perfect destination best enjoyed with family. The museum is home to natural live specimens of multiple species be it plants, animals or human body. The biggest catch of the place is that is has the collections made by the famous Charles Darwin. It is a highly popular attraction in London worth your time.

Alton towers

It is a theme park resort best suited when one desires quality time with their children. It is located in Staffordshire. The park has a number of rides and has been listed as the second most visited park in London. It operates from mid-March till November. It is a fine adventure place for kids of all ages.

Warner bros, studio tour london – The making of harry potter

Is your child in love with Harry Potter? Well then this is the best place for him. This place is a year round exhibit releasing glimpses of behind the scenes during the production of the film. Though a little out of the way from London it is an attraction for many young fans.


It is a chain of family theme parks operated by Merlin Entertainments. The park is specially designed for children under 11. The roller coasters are suitable for children to sit alone. The teaching prospect of Legoland is worth a special mention. The children can learn to construct multiple things with the Legos provided handy.

Hyde park

It is one of the largest parks in London and often referred to as the Royal Park of London. It also gives one a chance to explore the adjacent Buckingham Palace. Commercial concerts and fests are a regular occurrence in the park.


Tate modern

It is a modernised art gallery in London. Directed by the Tate group it is also the international modern art Britain gallery. A must visit place if your child has a budding interest in art.

Madame tussads

The famous wax cabinet museum gives a golden chance stand shoulder to shoulder with your child’s favourite celebrity. A fusion of both Hollywood and Bollywood this place is never to be missed.

Eden project

The name itself reminds one of the Eden garden. The place is a beautiful endeavour to help people experience the beauty of tropical gardens. Children love the rare greenery the place readily offers.

Tower of london

It is the famous historic castle, the royal palace of the Queen. It gives a beautiful insight to the chivalrous history of London to the younger generation.

Shakespeare’s globe

Located near the south bank of River Thames, the theatre is an Elizabethan age relic. It has indoor play houses for kids based on the Jacobean age London. Kids love the historic ambience that the place never fails to emit.

West end theatre

This well-known Theatre land is a professional stage for multiple budding artists who perform here. Along with Broadway theatre, the West end is considered as the highest level of commercial theatre. The performance surely leaves one spell bound.


Drusillas park

Drusillas is a mini 10 acre zoo in Sussex, London. It attracts children of all age groups giving them exposure to the multiple species of the Fauna kingdom.

Paultons park and peppa pig world

Whether you watch TV with your little ones or not this place cannot be left to visit alone. From the gentle rides to the amazing cafes and shops lining the park it is a much sought after children attraction.

Sea life

The famous Sea Life London harbours up to 400 species of sea animals. It is not only entertaining but a rich source of knowledge visually learnt by the little ones.

Edinburg festival

For the period of one month Edinburg hosts the famous art festival every year. It is major children attraction. In 2015 more than 180 special shows were organised by the children themselves.

Kielder water and forest park

Encompassing the largest manmade lake this forest park has a list of activities well hosted along with the rare wild life species. It is home to multiple family friendly events making it a perfect vacation destination.

The national space centre

This place successfully captures the attention of generations of kids worldwide. It has a 3-D simulating experience which generates the feeling of high power rockets and what not.


Go ape

Ever wish to experience the world of Tarzan? Then here comes the opportunity. Go Ape has a similar dynamics with hanging ropes as the only form of locomotion for parents and children.

Camera obscura

Camera Obscura is a minimised world of illusions. From trick mirrors to scary hologram, this place has it all.

A must visit for all kids who love mystery and suspense.

London dungeon

A must visit for kids of all age groups, the London Dungeon depicts the dark and hushed history with live performances and special stage effects.

London eye

Often called as the Coca-Cola London Eye it is situated near the south of River Thames. It has Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel giving an excellent vantage point to view the beauty of London at night.

Coram’s fields

Coram’s Fields is a small 7 acre playground in Bloomsbury London. It has multiple sand pits, duck ponds and pet corners that children love spending their time lost in this miniature world.


Thus this was a list of some definitely to visit places in London with family and friends this summer break.