15 Fun Places to Visit in Bangkok Before Your Kid Turns 11


Bangkok is one of the best places to visit on a vacation. It offers the perfect blend of urban and traditional, and the perfect mixture of native and pop cultures. If you’re visiting Bangkok with your children, you will face no dearth of amazing places to visit with them. Needless to say, they will love and so will you, there is no doubt about it.

There are some factors such as the long distance between these two points and the heat that can be a hindrance to smooth travel, but the city has great transport options to provide just for this purpose. You have taxi services and subways and trains, and travelling and easy, safe and affordable.

15 Best Places to Visit in Bangkok

Fun Places to Visit in Bangkok for Kids

Here is a list of 15 fun places to visit with your kids in Bangkok:

Dinosaur planet

An experience in this park is like being in your own Jurassic Park movie. This theme park promises to take you back to the pre-historic ages full of dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals. You can fight velociraptors on an obstacle course, ride some life-size animatronics, see over 200 full-sized replicas of famous dinosaurs and even see tiny dinosaurs hatch from eggs in the Dino Lab. What’s not to love?

Flow house

Flow house bangkok offers the unique facility of surfing on artificially created waves. However, this place is not for kids below 5 years of age. If your children are older than 5, flow house is a great place to visit. It is fun for your kids as well as for you, and you can enjoy surfing without the danger of real waves.


Funarium bangkok

Think of a park filled with slides, swings, monkey bars, ladders, climbing ropes and ladders. Now think of it as 10x bigger. That’s it, that’s the funarium for you.

Just make sure your kid is wearing comfortable clothing and a pair of socks, and watch him enjoy the plethora of climbing, jumping and swinging activities in the area. You can join in for a bit of fun as well!

Sealife bangkok

Sealife bangkok covers 10,000 square kilometers and offers astonishment and wonder at every step with hundreds of varieties of marine life such as giant spider crabs and sneaky tiger sharks. They also have some unique experiences to offer, such as diving with sharks or joining the feeding boat to get a close look at the animals.

It is constructed in the basement of a shopping mall and you can enjoy a quick trip to the aquarium after your shopping is over.

Ice skating

most malls at bangkok offer ice skating for kids as a respite from the heat, and you can drop off your child at the rink while you finish your shopping. This is a great way for you to get your work done while your child enjoys himself to the fullest at the rink. Safety concerns are natural, but don’t worry, the rinks have trained professionals to look after your children.


Kidzania is a fun and educational place for your kids, both at the same time.  It is a miniaturized city scape for kids where they can pick out an occupation and enjoy themselves, be it a firefighter, a construction worker or a doctor, and earn currency which they use then to pay for things available within kidzania.


Snake farm

Wait, hear us out. This is nowhere near as dangerous as it sounds. Besides, kids love snakes and all other kids of creepies and crawlies. Thailand is home to over 200 species of snakes, and the snake farm is a great way for children to learn of their space in the eco system and their function. This facility was established in 1923 to research and develop antidotes for snakebites. An exciting part of this journey for the kids would be watching live venom extraction, and they can handle the snakes after that as well, under expert supervision.

Neilson hays library

The neilson hays library is one of the most beautiful structures in the city.

The building has a great children’s section where the little ones can take their shoes off, crash on beanbags, and read to their heart’s content. On saturdays, the library runs story-time at 10:30 am followed by arts and crafts. Membership is required to borrow books.

You can also grab a bite to eat from the café and the coffee shop within the library grounds.

A boat ride on chao phraya

The river lines the city and its rich view, and it is one of the best ways to get a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

The large boat has a tour guide on board giving you brief details about the sights and makes stops at 8 piers with prominent tourist attractions. You can buy an unlimited day pass or purchase cheaper single trip tickets at the central pier near the saphon taksin bts station.


Wat pho

Wat pho is thailand’s oldest and one of the most beautiful temples. There is a 46 metre long gilded buddha statue, and children will enjoy the size and stature of it.

You can also go around the perimeter dropping coins in the ponds for good luck, an activity children are sure to enjoy.

The grand palace and wat phra kaew

The gilded palace of kings of siam since 1782 is located inside a large complex that also houses the temple of the emerald buddha, one of the most sacred buddhist temples in thailand. This buddha image, said to have originated in india, is well-regarded as the protector of the country. There are large-scale murals and statues depicting stories and characters from the ramayana, celebrating the hindu epic on a grand scale.

Asiatique riverfront

The asiatique riverfront is a huge riverside marketplace and entertainment center with over 1400 boutiques and 50 restaurants along the edge of the water.  There is also a giant ferris wheel where you children can enjoy themselves and there are other games as well.

Watch a movie

Bangkok’s cinema theatres with their plush chairs, pillows and blankets make the movie watching experience a luxury. The tickets at embassy diplomat screens within the upscale central embassy mall aren’t cheap at 900 baht per person but include a concierge service, spacious lounge and bar, seats that recline into beds, and welcome snacks from new york’s gourmet grocery store, dean and deluca.

Benjakiti park

This is a great place to layback and chill while your child enjoys his outdoor time on the lawn, swings, slides, tunnels, etc. It has two separate play locations: one for toddlers and another for kids above the age of 4.


Imaginia playland

On the third floor of the emporium mall is a ‘learning through playing’ concept 1400 sqm. Indoor playground designed to target your children’s imagination with activities that incorporate music, technology, literature, and strategy. Children won’t want to leave as they slip, slide, crawl and climb through tunnels, nets, and mountains, and have the time of their life.