11 Interesting Airplane Games for Kids


Traveling on airplanes with small kids can be a difficult task. With minimum space, they might get nasty. Their tantrums obviously increase at forty thousand feet and of course, with no internet, there is nothing to keep them busy. Oh well, that’s not the true as you can always keep your child busy with some interesting games that you can easily carry along with you to the airplane.

Given below are eleven interesting airplane games for your kid that will keep him involved and will definitely make traveling easy for you.

Airplane Games : 11 Best Activities for Kids

Interesting Airplane Games for Kids


Bananagrams is an engaging game which is somewhat similar to Scrabble but it is played without a board. In this every player takes the same number of letters, leaving the remainder face down in the bunch. Then someone yells “Split” and each player flips their tiles over and uses them all as they race to make their own word grits. At the end whoever finishes it first, he shouts “Bananas”. This is a super interesting game for your kid to play anywhere.

Puzzle game

In this you have blocks of different shapes and an outline of the final picture. Your kid will have to place all the blocks with each other in proper place and all of them need to fix with each other to make out the final picture.

Magna Doodle

This game is small in size that makes it very easy to carry and also it’s one of the favorite games of kids these days. In this first, there is a magic pen that draws a dark line on the Magna doodle screen but does not draw anything else and then there’s the eraser that can clean the entire sheet once you slide it. It also contains some shapes like triangles, square etc. to make it even more interesting.


Guess the person

The objective of the game is to be the first player to correctly guess your opponent’s identity before they guess yours. You require some characters in the game, you can opt for the cartoons they watch or some family member to make the game more engaging. You need to raise the characters on the tray and ask each other some simple questions about one character, whoever guess’s maximum ones right, wins.


This is not only gripping but is also knowledgeable. And you require nothing to carry to play this game. This game can be played with any number of people you want. Someone starts by saying out a country or state name starting with letter ‘A’, then other person in the chain has to say a country with the last letter of the previous member’s country’s name. The one who remains till last in the game, wins.

Find the word

It is super handy, all you need is a book that contains some block of letters and word that are to be found. Your kid will have to encircle the word in the puzzled word box. It can be made more diverse by not giving the words directly but by giving the description of the word. This will keep your kid extremely occupied and he will enjoy it too.

Size & Shape Comparison Puzzle

This is a cool game in which there is a board that contains holes in form of missing shapes and sizes and there will be some shapes like triangle, square, circle etc. in different shapes. Your kid is required to put the exact shape with exact size in the provided hole. You can always help him and if he is really smart then you can confuse him a bit to keep him busy for a longer time.

Board games

There are many board games that are easy to carry along like ludo, snake and ladder, monopoly etc. and these are extremely fascinating and kids love them too. But, if you are already carrying a lot of luggage then you can also download these games on mobile like ‘Ludo king’ to play on the plane.

Sticker book

You can easily buy a sticker book online or from any kid’s toy shop. This book contains some sticker at the end pages and you have conditions on the front pages like you need to picturize a drawing room then your kid needs to find out all the related stickers like sofa set, some wall hangings etc. and place in order to make it look exactly like what was asked. You can obviously help your kid with it to make it more enthralling.


Topps Slam Attax Trading Card Game

In this game there are cards with wrestler’s names and specifications on it. Cards are to be shuffled among the player and one of them starts by opting for one specification like biceps for example in the card, every one picks a card from their collection and the one which has the maximum sized biceps as in this case wins that round. The one who remains till the end wins the game. Trust me it sounds simple but kids are extremely fond of this game.

Mobile games

Alright, so you have already come across a number of games that can be carried along but if you don’t want to carry more stuff with you during traveling then mobile games that can be played offline are always the best option. You can download games like Temple run, Candy crush, Color Road, Piano Tiles etc. to keep your kid occupied. Children these days are extremely addicted to mobile games.

Other important things

Along with games, you must also carry some other necessary things with you to the airplane. If your child suffers from some particular allergy or problem then don’t forget to keep the related medicines, also, it is best to keep some of the common medicines too like of fever, loose motions, cough and cold, headache etc. Keep wet wipes or baby wipes along with you. You can also encourage them to write on the plane about their experiences. All in all, keep them engaged. You can also take some precaution by writing your contact number and name on their hand, just in case if they get lost.

Once you have packed some interesting games and have taken the necessary precautions, you are all set to board with minimum tension and worry.