11 Remarkable Benefits Of Jackfruit Seeds During Pregnancy


Many pregnancy misconceptions have been raised concerning jackfruit. Several of these beliefs have persisted for centuries in nations where it is commonly consumed (including on the internet). It makes sense that pregnant women are interested in the advantages and disadvantages of jackfruit, which is increasingly used in vegan cuisine and as a meat substitute around the world. It’s time to dispel the myths about jackfruit!

jackfruit seeds during pregnancy

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Consume Jackfruit?

All forms of jackfruit meat, including unripe, immature jackfruit (which frequently comes in cans), are safe for consumption by pregnant women. If the jackfruit seeds are cooked rather than raw, they are also safe for pregnant women.

This article will discuss how jackfruit is cooked and served across the world. I’ve outlined all the advantages (or warnings) of jackfruit consumption during childbirth.

Is it Possible to Miscarry After Eating Jackfruit?

Let’s start by dispelling the most prevalent misconception. No, eating jackfruit won’t result in a miscarriage. You can consume it up until the third trimester of pregnancy.

This rumor appears to have its roots in India, where erroneous “food taboos” against jackfruit and other fruits have been perpetuated down the centuries, especially in rural communities.


The idea that some meals are “hot” or “cold” refers to their perceived effect on the body rather than the temperature at which they are cooked. According to reports, jackfruit is a fruit that “produces heat” and should be avoided by expectant mothers. This is another false dietary taboo that is widely held in India and around the world.

Regrettably, there is still a lot of misinformation about jackfruit online, including the myth that it “produces heat” and the myth that it causes miscarriage. Both are untrue. Jackfruit is healthy for pregnant women to consume. You should only avoid it if you suspect that you might be allergic; more details are provided below.

A White Dish With Fresh Jackfruit And A Banana Leaf

When it comes to pregnant women, is jackfruit good or bad?

Since jackfruit is safe to consume, you may be wondering what advantages it has for expectant mothers. Is the food wholesome?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of jackfruit consumption for your health:

Using Jackfruit During Pregnant Has Several Advantages

Vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin A, and additional B vitamins are all abundant in jackfruit, which has more of them than many other fruits. Niacin, potassium, and magnesium are also present.


In addition to having a significant amount of fiber, jackfruit has a protein content that is higher than that of many other tropical fruits. It has a medium GI index, which may be used to determine whether someone with diabetes—including someone with gestational diabetes—needs to control their blood sugar levels.

You can also eat jackfruit seeds, and if you cook them, they’re a good source of vitamins and other nutrients. In addition to being a great source of dietary fiber and antioxidants, they also contain lots of B vitamins.

Depending on how it is prepared, jackfruit can have a variety of nutritional values; this article will go over several common meals and preparation methods.

When to Steer Clear of Jackfruit During Pregnancy

Despite the many health advantages of jackfruit (which have already been mentioned), if you have a specific medical condition, you may want to avoid eating jackfruit or its seeds while you are pregnant. Some tropical fruit components require special handling in certain areas.

Jackfruit seeds should never be consumed uncooked. Trypsin inhibitors, which prevent or hinder the body from absorbing proteins, are present in uncooked jackfruit seeds. It’s okay to consume cooked jackfruit seeds. Due to their frequent boiling or roasting/toasting, they are safe to eat.

Blood coagulation may be inhibited by jackfruit seeds.  Avoid eating jackfruit seeds if you use medications (such as anticoagulants, pain relievers like ibuprofen or other NSAIDs, aspirin, or antiplatelet medications) that raise your risk of bleeding. One investigation suggested eating jackfruit might reduce blood clotting.


Avoid jackfruit if you are sensitive to birch pollen. It has only ever been scientifically proven that jackfruit allergies can occur in people who are also allergic to birch pollen. If you are aware that you are sensitive to birch pollen, it would be wise to steer clear of jackfruit intake until an additional study has been done.

Jackfruit should not be consumed if you have a latex allergy. One incidence of jackfruit-related anaphylaxis in a latex-allergic woman has been reported. It’s possible that a tiny amount of the jackfruit’s latex-like, sticky coating remains after cooking. Those without latex allergies often have no reason to worry about this.

Pregnant Women and Jackfruit Dishes

Given the variety of ways jackfruit can be prepared, you might be curious to learn specifically whether jackfruit meals are healthy for you to consume if you’re expecting. They are listed as the most typical.

When the other components in the curry are also safe for expectant mothers—which, since the jackfruit is thoroughly cooked, they typically are—jackfruit curry is also safe for expectant mothers. Although eating spicy food while pregnant is not harmful, it can lead to indigestion, to which you might be more susceptible. If this is the case for you, pick less spicy options.

Given how labor-intensive it is to produce (and how difficult it is to find fresh if you live outside of its primary growing regions), jackfruit is frequently available canned or tinned. Pregnant women can consume jackfruit from cans, and this jackfruit is often prepared as an immature, unripe fruit.

You can eat jackfruit at various stages of maturity, including young, raw, uncooked, or unripe fruit. Unripe jackfruit is used to make pulled jackfruit, a common ingredient in vegan and vegetarian cooking. Jackfruit can be eaten safely while pregnant whether it is ripe or not. Although jackfruit is often cooked, you may eat it raw if you like (e.g., in a curry).


Pregnancy is safe while consuming either jackfruit chips or deep-fried jackfruit. While it might increase the caloric intake, eating jackfruit that has been baked, boiled, or roasted is nutritionally better.

If cooked, jackfruit seeds are acceptable for consumption by expectant mothers (e.g., by roasting, toasting, or boiling). Pregnant women (and others) are advised to avoid eating raw or uncooked jackfruit seeds.


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