11 Food Habits to Increase Sperm Health


There are many ways in which you can increase your sperm count and overall sperm health. Regular exercise, for example, is one. De-stressing, getting enough of Vitamins C and D, and increasing zinc intake are a few other ways. Another great way is also quite simple – Improve your food habits and take some particular foods that have been proven to increase your overall sexual health – this can help you tremendously.

Sperm Health: 11 Super Foods to Increase

Food Habits to Increase Sperm Health

Here are 11 things you can do increase your sperm count:

Eat Fresh

Eating Fresh doesn’t simply mean eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It also means that when you cook a meal, you should it is while it’s still hot and fresh. Eating fresh helps in better digestion and better digestion is linked to a higher and healthier sperm count.

Always remember: When cooking fresh vegetables, go easy on the oil and spices. Adding too much spice, over-seasoning your food or deep frying it leeches the nutrients out of the vegetables. In order to optimize your vitamin intake, make sure your food is healthy and light.

Avoid Packaged/Junk Food

Actually, avoid anything that isn’t fresh and has been stored for a while. All of these contain preservatives which are harmful to your health. Junk food and packaged food contains harmful chemicals and preservatives which do more harm than good. Besides, anything that has been processed and packed is low on nutritional value and high on adverse effects. Stay away from such foods.


Note: Try to avoid reheated food as much as possible. Re-heated food, even when its refrigerated home-cooked food, is bad for health, since it has pretty much lost most of its nutrition and has developed some harmful side effects.

These foods might cause acidity, indigestion, and a bunch of other digestion related issues.

Avoid cold food

Cold foods such as preserved sandwiches, donuts, or cereal with cold milk, etc. should be avoided by all means. This is simply because cold food isn’t very nutritious and at the same time puts the body under a lot of strain to digest.

Cold food isn’t digested easily, which takes a lot of energy from the body. It also could generate some harmful gases in your body. It’s just not worth it.

Have an early dinner

If you’re having dinner just before going to bed, you’re doing it wrong. Having a late dinner means your digestive system will still be working to break down the food while you are sleeping, and it won’t get the rest it needs during the night.

Try as much as possible to have dinner a good two or three hours before going to sleep. This will give your digestive system time to do its job and get some rest while you sleep. This will not only improve your sexual health, it will improve your overall health as well.


Eat before the sun sets

This one sounds a bit difficult, but wait till you read about all its benefits. Basically, what you have to do is eat your last meal around the time the sun goes down. Eating before sun set can literally change your life. Here are the benefits you could reap from it.

It prevents obesity. And, of course, along with it all obesity related risks, such as heart diseases, hypertension, kidney illnesses, etc. Prevents gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, heartburn, acidity, acid reflux, etc.

It promotes good sleep. This is because having an early dinner means your body wouldn’t be working anymore to digest your food while you’re sleeping, so your organs can relax along with you, leading to a peaceful sleep. It has a huge, positive impact on your body.

Maintain meal times

As much as possible, try to maintain fixed meal times. Having fixed meal times makes your body acquainted with a routine and it works better according to it, everyday. Frequent deviation from mealtimes can confuse your body clock and it might not function as well as you want it to, causing indigestion, fatigue, acidity, etc. Indigestion is directly linked to lower sperm count. Therefore, try to have fixed meal times.

Eat freshly cooked food

Seriously, eat it fresh. This means that you should eat your food once its ready, without letting it sit for very long. Do not cook food and leave it to eat later. Putting food in the refrigerator and eating it later by heating it in the microwave is a really unhealthy habit. Whenever you eat, eat freshly cooked food, served hot right from the stove.

Sit while eating

This is actually quite a clever trick. Sitting down puts pressure on your stomach, and thus you feel full earlier than you would have, by comparison, if you were standing while eating. This prevents over-eating and leads to fewer calorie consumption.


Once you have started eating, do not get up in the middle of a meal. This will confuse your body and could potentially prevent proper digestion.

Do not over-eat

Myth has it that eating more can help in better creation of sperm, since it could give you more energy. Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

Overeating actually can make you fat, due to increased calorie consumption. Apart from that, your body will be working over time to digest all the extra food, which will drain you of energy. This simply means that your body won’t produce more semen, instead it will probably stop the production cycle for a while and divert that energy to help digest the excess food.

Therefore, you need to abstain from overeating. Eat just enough, just how much you need to.

Don’t stay up late

It’s not like you don’t know why staying up late can be unhealthy. It directly affects brain performance. Apart from that, staying up late can make you crave to eat, which is bad for health, because eating in the middle of the night isn’t natural.

This will confuse your digestion and cause indigestion and other related issues. Besides, you need proper rest for your entire body to function properly, and sexual health isn’t an exception.


Skip eating once in a while

If you skip eating once in a while, for example, one day per week, it will detoxify your body and improve your overall health.

Try to live entirely off fruits, juices, and light salads one day a week. This will give your body time to work on removing toxins out of your body, naturally, and improve the overall functioning of your body, including increased semen production and energy levels.



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