5 Best Apps And Gadgets For Couples Trying To Conceive


Trying to conceive? Here we come with the best solution for you. If you are trying to conceive, then understanding your biology is helpful. And what is more helpful than technology? You can track your cycles and fertility days easily by using technology. According to the American pregnancy association, fertility awareness is considered as a very effective way to conceive, it provides 90 percent reaching rates of effectiveness. It assists women in better monitoring and tracking and gives a much more precise window.

Technology plays a very pivotal role in helping couples trying to conceive and get the biggest joy: your baby. In this article, we will know about the 5 best apps and gadgets that offer varying levels of assistance. Firstly, let’s know about the 5 best apps that are chosen based on their consistent reliability, excellent reviews, and useful content.


5 best apps for couples trying to conceive

Ovia fertility cycle tracker

This app is known as ovia app, it uses a unique algorithm system to predict accurate period and fertile window. No matter how irregular the circumstance cycle, this app will help you in every circumstance. The health summaries and statistics of ovia app provide important details which include top symptoms, period length, days of intercourse, average cycle length, and many more. You can check insights and trends on customized charts of fertility.

Eve period tracker

When it comes to your health, fertility, and sex, eve is the appropriate be-all and end-all app. It includes a 28 day ovulation calendar and plenty of tools to log your sexual experience, and it is not mandatory that they must involve actual intercourse. It offers a mood tracker also, that can help you in examining your mood. Eve offers everything that you need to see your fertility in the context of your entire sexual experience. It takes away the cold calculus sometimes that seems to go into your ovulation and menstruation tracking.

Natural cycles- birth control

Among all, this particular app is an intelligent birth control app that can identify ovulation and analyze your basal body temperature. By using this app, you can learn about your cycle, it offers daily updates and also tells you about your position in your cycle, when you’re in the fertile phase, about ovulation detection and prediction, and most importantly when you can expect a period.


Clue period tracker, ovulation

Clue will help you in taking the guesswork out of your menstrual cycle. It is a period tracker app that uses research and science to dive into the personal biology. This app is best for couples who are trying to conceive, because it helps to plan for the pregnancy with its fertility prediction and ovulation calculator. For more accurate information and details, you can log you basal body temperature also.


Sometimes, diving deep into your own data in the framework of the science around fertility itself is necessary. Only your ovulation and menstruation cycle details are not enough. Cycles provide you all the important extra biological details that you need. And the best thing about this app is, you can share the details with your partner. You can create a shared calendar around your cycles so that you face no difficulty in getting pregnant.

Not only apps, there are many useful gadgets available in the market for couples who are trying to conceive. Now, we will create a list of the 5 best gadgets and know about them in detail. Have a look.

5 best gadgets for couples trying to conceive

Ava bracelet

It’s actually a wearable that helps you in pregnancy. Wearables are invented for tracking steps primarily, but it can be your fertility friend also. You have to wear it while sleeping. The sensor of this bracelet can measure nine parameters which include skin temperature, heat loss, sleep and resting pulse rate. Your sync to your phone and app will provide you the information about the state of your fertility, after you wake up in the morning. It is claimed that ava can detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle at 89 percent accuracy.


It is another fertility wearable that should be worn on the upper arm while sleeping. By measuring your body temperature and movement during the night, it collects thousands of data points. This particular gadget sync with different pregnancy apps. This facility helps you in deciding where you want your information to be logged.


EarlySense Percept is an under-mattress fertility tracker. It has a highly sensitive sensor that can monitor physiological signals such as heart rate and breathing via sound waves. The data it captures, is automatically sent to the synced phone and is stored in the complementary app. The app can track the clues and your cycles and inform you about the most likely times when you can conceive.


Clearblue connected ovulation test system

You will be surely thankful to Clearblue for informing you when you ovulate, as this is not an easy job. This gadget offers a bluetooth-enabled smart ovulation test. This test will help you in identifying your most fertile days, the test is scientifically proven to detect the surge in your luteinizing hormone with 99 percent accuracy. This gadget syncs all the data to the smartphone. The complementary app store sends you reminders about the proper timing of the test.

Modern fertility

Modern fertility kit provides you a custom report to inform about the insights on overall fertility health and hormone levels. This kit enables females to get a fertility measurement index. This index can become a tracking tool also that can be used by females to check in on ovulation, general fertility health, and ovarian reserve.


If you are eager to get pregnant as efficiently as possible, then the above-mentioned apps and gadgets are some life-saving solutions for you. These can help you in almost everything that you need to conceive quickly. And, the best part is, most among these apps are free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Download the apps from the app store and order any of the gadgets according to your preference, get set and conceive! A happy future is waiting for you.