Is It Safe To Eat Ice Apple During Pregnancy?


The thing about pregnancy is that when you are pregnant, it might seem to you that this pregnancy is a private affair, something that only concerns you and your partner. But the more you progress with your pregnancy, the more you realize that everyone else around you will think that they have a right to have an opinion on your pregnancy, your body, and your baby. Some of the advice is well-intentioned, but it is hard to take it seriously when most of the people around you offer you meaningless advice.

In such a scenario, how should you decide what is good for your body? There are many underrated fruits out there, which taste really good and are beneficial for you to eat during your pregnancy. Ice apple is one such fruit. In this article, we will discuss whether it is safe to eat ice apple during pregnancy.

What is ice apple?

The ice apple is popular in India, where it may have originated, and is grown in Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, regions of tropical Africa, as well as in Hawaii and Florida. The fruit is known as nungu in Tamil Nadu. It’s also known as palm fruit. The ice apple is very dark purple in color when ripe. The size of the fruit makes it slightly resemble an eggplant, although its texture is similar to that of a coconut. Prime season for these fruits is between May and August, which is also when they’re most readily available from street apple


Ice apple is a low-calorie fruit providing 43 calories per 100 grams, 11 grams of carbohydrates, and rich in calcium and phytonutrients. It also contains fiber, protein, vitamin c, a, e, k, b7, and iron.

Is it safe during pregnancy?

Ice apple is a naturally occurring fruit with tons of health benefits associated with it. It is considered safe to be consumed by pregnant women since it helps relieve many pregnancy-related issues. In any case, it’s always best to get a doctor’s recommendation for your benefit.

Health benefits 

Hydrates your body

Ice fruit has high water content which makes you quench your thirst during the summer days. Almost every hundred grams of ice apple contains about 87g of water in it which in turn would help in hydrating your body. It also gives you a satisfied stomach and keeps you away from unwanted hankerings, thus making it easier for the weight loss process. Bites of water-fruit could do wonders for your stomach ailments by relieving them.


Helps women to stay healthy

As breast cancer is a common health issue faced by most women, it could be prevented by natural ways. You could now control and treat breast cancer with the help of this super-fruit as it is incorporated with phytochemicals anthocyanin which might curb the growth of tumors and breast cancer cells as well. Additionally, it is also helpful during pregnancy. Ice apple helps pregnant women in enhancing digestion and prevent acidity problems that show up during the pregnancy period.

Glow up your skin

Besides being an ever-cooling fruit, ice apple is the best supplement to meet your summer issues. It helps regulate the temperature of your body during summer and therefore it helps you in beating the summer effectively. The jelly fruit is actually good for your skin by diminishing the pimples and providing you the clear skin naturally. Get that natural glow-up with the anti-inflammatory instilled water-fruit!

Rockets your energy level

The low-calorie fruit is known for its glucose content which could help hike up your energy level when you are under the sun. It battles against heat-related fatigue and keeps you actively energetic for a longer period or throughout the day.

Relieves nausea and liver issues

The energy-providing fruit is highly for its power to treat liver problems. This is because it is helpful in flushing out the toxins of the body by cleaning it completely. This process of cleansing the liver is possible due to the high amount of potassium infused in the fruit. Therefore, you should always know that one of the benefits of ice apples is removing the feeling of nausea.


Therefore, to conclude, ice apples are a good addition to your diet during pregnancy. There are many cases in which pregnant people usually get tired of the foods they would normally eat. In this case, an ice apple is a great addition. Just remember to consult your doctor before deciding anything.