Honey for Children – Infographic


In continuation with our previous article about the health benefits of honey for children, here is an infographic depicting the benefits.

Do you think honey is good for your baby? Here’s what honey gives your child. Some of the health benefits of honey for children include supply of sustained energy, supply of essential vitamins and minerals, heals wounds faster, protects liver and offers control of cough in children.

Honey is nature’s gift to mankind.  It is one of the sweetest naturally occurring foods that we can think of . It has been believed for many centuries that honey possesses medicinal properties. But, honey is not recommended to infants below the age of 1 year. It is known that honey has bacteria in it which can cause infant botulism, which can sometimes be fatal.

Honey for Children Infographic
Though honey has several benefits, it is not recommended for infants below 1 year of age