Home Remedies to Ease the Symptoms of Perimenopause


If you are in your mid 30s and suffering from hot flashes that do not go. You may be entering perimenopause phase. Here are a few remedies that will help ease the many symptoms and discomfort that you may face if you are in perimenopause.

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Natural Remedies to Ease the Symptoms of Perimenopause

As you step into your 40’s hot flashes become a common issue. It may come up even earlier, in your late 30’s. You simply need some home remedies to tackle it. Well, you need not rush to the doctor every time a problem crops up. Perimenopause is a natural part of every woman’s life. The symptoms include sleeplessness, mood swings. All you need is an effective strategy to hike your comfort level. So, here we provide you with certain effective home remedies to ease the symptoms of perimenopause.

Add sage to tea

Sage can be helpful in controlling hot flashes during perimenopause. The sage leaves have to be added to your tea or hot water. It will keep your symptoms under control.

Eat foods that balance your hormones

The phase of perimenopause is featured by hormonal imbalances and irregular periods. The mood swings, too, appear because of hormonal imbalances. It is necessary to consume food that balances the equation. You need health fats and certain essential minerals to keep the hormonal production at normal levels. Focus on gaining weight at this phase. Cruciferous vegetables, organic fruits and high-fiber containing stuff is necessary at this time. You can also consume fish containing omega-3 fats.

Symptoms of Perimenopause


Drink substantial amounts of water

Hot flashes not only cause discomfort, they disturb you during the sleep. One easy way to tackle this situation is to drink substantial amounts of water. A minimum of eight glasses per day is necessary to control the body functioning. It will minimize bloating and replenish the fluid lost from the body as a result of hot flashes.

Switch to natural herbal remedies to boost up hormones

Natural and herbal remedies are beneficial for women during this time, but these are often ignored. You can use options like wild yam, chest berry and ashwagandha to heal the situation. They have certain molecular features that are similar to hormones. They can increase or decrease hormonal production in the body according to its needs. Black cohosh and red clover are good remedies for hot flashes.

Eat more stuff containing phytoestrogens

As the oestrogen levels in the body decreases during this time, you can boost it up. Complement the oestrogen level in your body by opting for phytoestrogens. These are plant-based hormones and have effects similar to oestrogen. Kidney beans, soya beans, lentils and chickpeas contain lots of phytoestrogens and they supply the necessary hormones to the body.

Exercise to maintain hormonal balance

Weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of perimenopause. During this time, the fluctuating level of oestrogen results in the deposit of fat in the body. You cannot get rid of this fat easily. The ratio of progesterone and oestrogen should be maintained to minimise hormonal imbalance. Try out different workouts and physical remedies. Yoga and dance can also help to certain extent. You can also opt for swimming. In a nutshell, your body should experience enough movement. It will help you to control excess fat. However, make sure you do not take too much stress. It might make you feel fatigued. Certain exercise can also control problems related to your bladder.

Try to cut down stress

Stress and depression are common symptoms of perimenopause. Try to avoid medial remedies and switch to natural ones. Doctors often prescribe antidepressants for women during this time. Well, you should practise deep breathing to fight off stress. At times, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious or stress. You can complement antidepressants with deep breathing during intense situations to resolve the problem. Stress is related to a number of other symptoms during perimenopause. These include mood swings and hot flashes too. Prioritize healing your stress levels to maintain an overall good health during this phase.

Dealing with osteoporosis

During perimenopause, the dearth of oestrogen results in a disease called osteoporosis. The strength of your bones decreases during this time and they become brittle. You can deal with this problem by supplementing the Vitamin D levels in your body. Eat more food containing calcium and take supplements of Vitamin D. You can also have calcium tablets.


With these remedies at your disposal, you will be able to cut down the level of discomfiture. See a doctor of the symptoms do not show signs of improvement. Perimenopause symptoms are common, try out these home remedies to increase your comfort level.