White Spots on Nails: Causes and Remedies


Nails are the most exposed part of your body and catch anyone’s attention. Improper nails can ruin your impression at the first go. Even worse, white spots on nails can bring your confidence even lower. White spots on the nails usually indicate a nutrition deficiency, while sometimes they can occur due to a fungal infection. Read on to know more about its causes and remedies.

white spots on nails

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What is Leukonychia?

White spots on nails are medically known by the term leukonychia. This is a condition where white dots or lines appear on the fingernails and toenails. These spots may occur in one or all nails. It can appear as small dots on the nail or large one stretched across the nail.


Are White Spots Normal?

Yes, white spots are a common issue experienced by adults at some point in life. It is harmless and easy to treat.

What Causes White Spots on Nails?

Some of the possible causes of white spots on nails include

Allergic Reaction

Several people have allergies to nail gloss, polish or polish removers. An allergic reaction to these causes white spots on the nails.

Fungal Reaction

Nails are usually infected by a common nail fungus called the onychomycosis. When this fungus infects the nails, the first symptoms that appear are white spots on nails. The infection can spread on the entire nail bed.

Nail Injury

Injuries to the base of your toenail or fingernail can also cause the occurrence of white spots. Some of the common sources of injuries include hitting your nails at the desk or slamming your fingers at the door.


Mineral Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is a major cause of white spots on the nails. Calcium and zinc deficiency is known to be the major cause of white spots.

Medical Conditions

Several instances, white spots can arise due to a medical condition. Some of the medical conditions that can cause white spots are pneumonia, heart diseases, eczema, renal failure, and arsenic poisoning.

Cosmetic Procedures

Frequent cosmetic procedures like manicure and hand polishing can cause white spots as the pressure applied during these procedures damage the nail bed.

Treatment for White Spots on Nails

Treatment for white spots is based on what causes them. Listed below are some treatment options based on the causes

Fungal Infections

If white spots are caused due to fungal infection, then an oral anti-fungal treatment will be the best way to treat white spots.


Allergic Reaction

If you are allergic to cosmetic nail products like nail polish, gloss, or removers, stop using these products. Consult a doctor to treat the allergic symptoms.

Mineral Deficiency

If the nutritional deficiency is the cause for white spots, then ensure that you eat a nutrition-rich balanced food.

Nail Injuries

There is nothing you can do about nail injuries. Nail injuries heal with time. As the nail grows, the white spots disappear gradually.

Medical Conditions

If an underlying medical condition is the reason for white spots, treating the medical condition would help in reducing white spots on nails.

Home Remedies for White Spots on Nails

There are some simple home remedies that help reduce and treat white spots on the nails. They are


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C that is very essential for healthy nails. Lemon juice helps get rid of white spots and discoloration of the nails.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered to be one of the best remedies for white spots on the nails. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help treat both nail injuries as well as fungal infections that cause white spots.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a disinfectant which helps reduce the infection responsible for white spots. It contains alkaline properties that reduce the appearance of the spots on nails.


Yoghurt is a natural probiotic with plenty of good bacteria in it. It an effective remedy to treat fungal infections which are the cause of white spots on the nails.

Prevention Tips

While these above-mentioned remedies help treat white spots, it is also essential to prevent the occurrence. Some of the tips include

  • Maintain nail hygiene
  • Keep your nails short and filed
  • Ensure that your hands and nails are moisturized
  • Reduce the usage of nail cosmetics like nail polish, gloss, and removers
  • Avoid usage if it causes an allergic reaction

Additionally, eat a nutrition-rich balanced diet to prevent any form of nutritional deficiency. As soon as you observe symptoms of white spots, follow these simple home remedies. If the symptoms persist, contact your doctor immediately for further treatment. Since nails add beauty to your fingers, protect them as best as you can.