7 Healthy Snacks You Can Give To Your Toddler Anytime


Have you ever wondered about recipes of easy-to-make, healthy snacks for toddler? Especially when they want to eat at an odd time? Children need to get food as per their timetable or else that makes them enough aggressive and think that their parents don’t care about them. So, food is not only related to a hungry stomach but a caring attitude too.

The bonding between parents and children grows when parents understand the need of their children especially during the age of 2yr to 4yr. It is said to be the peak of age to understand and cherish the bond they share.

Food is the basic necessity for every person in this world and to get the food right on time makes it more efficient and makes them happy and sets them at peace. Now the question arises what to feed them when they are hungry? And that too if it is in an odd time.

healthy snacks


7 Healthy Snacks You Can Give To Your Toddler Anytime

Fruits and dry fruits

Fruits are considered to be one of the healthiest snacks to have as it serves protein, calcium, and iron. Fruit contains vitamin A and C which provides healthy bone growth and also nourishes the skin of a child. Every child loves fruit, so to have that as a snack will make them happy as well as healthy. At the same time, you can also give them nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, raisin, date, pistachio, walnuts, and all as they help develop their brain and memory intake power.

Cheese sandwich

Cheese is one of the most favorite ingredients of every child. Making a cheese sandwich with vegetables on it makes it healthier and tastier. And that is considered to be one of the most delicious food to take.


Vegetable or chicken soup

Soup is always considered to be the healthier cuisine as it is an easy-to-cook recipe and it also helps a child to feel full. Some kids often eat too many snacks at odd times and because of which they are unable to eat the routine food, in that purpose soup acts as a supporter and a coordinator to the routine food.

Chocolate milkshake

Now, normal milk is not liked by any child because of many reasons, one such reason is the smell itself. But, when chocolate is mixed with milk, every child enjoys the milkshake. Moreover, in this way, both chocolate and milk protein gets consumed which helps become stronger and sharper.


Yogurt is just like ice cream but with no scent, no such flavor. Rather, it is more natural and healthier because it contains all the vitamins and proteins and is very good for the stomach. Yogurt is a snack that one can have any time they wish to, at any odd time, and even after having a meal, they can eat this.


Pancake is yummy, and also easy to cook for the parents. Now pancakes can be eaten with honey, cream, jam, etc. which are loved by children as well, so that also acts like a healthy and yummy snack.

Boiled egg with bread

Boiled eggs are a source of protein and they are filled with calories that give strength to a child and even an egg can be eaten irrespective of time-bound. There is no need to follow a particular routine to feed a child egg and bread. And also it is a portion of healthy food for a child to take.


Food is that element of life that brings happiness, peace, and satisfaction to the tummy. Food is the most important and necessary element in anyone’s life to stay alive and keep living. The biggest flex to survival is food and clothing. People prefer tasting different types of food for their wellbeing and for trying out different tasty cuisine. Every child wants to have tastier food and their parents want them to have healthier food. These are the day-to-day snacks that parents can feed their children when they ask for food at any odd time.