Decode Your Baby’s Libra Horoscope: Know Her Personality, Relations, Fun Facts


Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Colour: Pink or Green

Day: Friday

Ruler: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 24, 15, 13, 6, 4


Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aries

Date Range: Sept 23rd to Oct 22nd

Baby’s Libra Horoscope: Libra Zodiac Facts

baby libra horoscope

Libra traits

Strengths: Social, gracious, cooperative, diplomatic and fair minded

Weaknesses: Self-pity avoids confrontations, indecisive and will carry a grudge

Libra Likes: the outdoors, gentleness, harmony, sharing with others


Dislikes: Loudmouths, violence, conformity, injustice

Libra love and sex

One of the main priorities in the life of Libra is to find a compatible partner and once they start a romantic relationship, maintain harmony and peace becomes the most important thing for them and it is their primary goal. However, their dedication and charming personality to each and every relationship make their compatibility well with others is actually satisfying for them. His sign is genuinely connected to sexuality for Scorpio rises where it actually ends. They initially search for the meaningful and deep relationship but although they initially have trouble in order to deal with the people. It is in Libra to actually share their entire life with a stranger or their love life basically with a challenge to be aware of their core personality and to be independent at the same time.

When Libra actually made up their mind on being with someone they actually have already chosen that person but it would be better if you know what actually stands better in their way of achieving happiness at the same time.

Libra Family and Friends

Friends: People with Libra sign are social and also put their friends in the limelight first but they often raise their expectations too high and also choose friendships that actually make them feel superior to the person who actually stand in front of them. Their nature is mostly indecisive which is why they show a lack of. Calm and tactful they can actually communicate through an kind of problem if they wish to and also will help others in order to understand the other side of their personal issues and trouble they face with different individuals.

Family: they are usually born into a family who give them weakness of the sun initially and Libra can usually transfer guilt between the family members without being aware about the same. In constant search for harmony these individuals usually have a tendency in order to agree with their parents and also siblings in order to avoid future conflicts or issues. They discover ease usually in being a good parent and also a role model and are ready to share each and everything they know with their kids.

Libra Career and money

The key to happy life is fine balance that is what Libra thinks and this initially means that they will initially not commit to ay work unless and until they find it permanent and also they get enough time for their loved ones. They can become good judges and lawyers and also can be successful as designers, composers or diplomats. They will initially coordinate with others well and work with them in a group and also can be convincing or gifted speakers at the same time. Generally, financial aspect of their lives is often under control and this probably makes easier for them to decide what they wish for. People born under this sign initially balance between the saving and spending well.


How to attract the Libra Man

Libra men usually appreciate all that is actually real and beautiful and also look for the partner who inspire and is compatible with their appearance. This sometimes might sound superficial but they usually needs mental and visual stimuli in order to take further decisions and making it more easier so that they can start with a serious relationship. But before that they need to first decide to be with someone because their relationships are usually serious and they create long term bonds also endure with ease only through hardships knowing in advance that they have made a perfect choice in order to begin with something. A Libra man wish to discuss each and everything with his partner be it daily endeavours in life or big matters. This is that man who is always in search for a partner who has enough strength of will and confidence at the same time. And who can make him feel lost or insecure. So, once he finds the right person he will actually do anything in order to make them happy and give all of their attention to their partner and duly forgets himself in order to make his partner feel special. Libra men are extremely romantic and are always in search of true love in order to last for a lifetime.

How to attract a Libra Woman

In order to seduce a Libra Woman you need to be a really good conversationalist and also a good listener because she actually enjoys being taught about all the new things and also enjoy talking about herself and about her other personal interests with this she also likes sinking deep into his partner’s life. She is intelligent, charming and also find solutions to each and every problem quickly. Her partner needs to make her his first and main priority always and you need to make sure that you don’t question her own choices and initiatives. So, in short you need to be extremely straightforward and also surprising enough at the same time.

As this zodiac sign in being ruled by Venus so Libra Woman do have a natural tendency in order to have certain and timely mood swings that is sometimes unbearable for their partners. However, once Libra woman falls in love with you she will initially share a home with you as well and also will take care of you at the same time. You just need to make them feel good and also you need to make sure that their social life is well organized and also adjusted fully by abiding and following all the social laws and norms that are meant to be.