11 Health Benefits of Pinto Beans for Babies


Thinking of Pink! It is the favorite color of many among us. Yes the color of Pinto beans is the same and this could be one of the major reasons on why these beans are popular. It is not only the color of this beans that rakes in attention, they are incorporated with nutrients coupled with a great taste. Not only are they considered to be a great source of protein but low in fat content. From the health perspective people love to consume them and this is relation to whatever health goal you have in mind.

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The definition of Pinto beans

It is one of the popular beans of Mexico and United States. The traces of origin are from Spain and hence it derives its name from the Spanish word Painted. This name is transcript by the beautiful colour of the beans when cooked.

So how Pinto beans finds itself in the food chain? In Burrito’s filling they are found, but in some countries it is the staple food like potatoes, rich or yams. This is especially during the winter months. The scientific name of it is “Phaseolus Vulgaris and it replicates the beige color beans. In fact they are typically reddish in color. You should not go on to mistake them with other type of beans. But when you cook them the unique appearance is going to disappear. It is one of the tastiest beans because of the unique texture.

Health Benefits of Pinto Beans

1} High in nutritional content

 From the nutritional point of view you can figure out why pinto beans are the staple food in many countries. It is a rich source of carbohydrate and an instant energy booster. The protein content is rich with low fat. They are embedded with vital nutrients that are needed by the body in the day to day functioning.

2} During developmental stage is a super food

For ensuring optimal performance of the brain along with the formation of red blood cells these beans are needed. Pinto beans are a rich source of iron and manganese that aids to the production of red blood cells needed for the baby during primitive stages.


3} Important source of fiber

There are some important advantages of consuming foods rich in fiber.  This is all the more so if it is consumed on a daily basis as constipation is a foregone conclusion. Pinto beans are beneficial for the digestive tract for babies and especially all those who are on a low diet regime.

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4} Great source of memory

Having a great memory during the primitive ages helps you to cope with the challenges ahead.  Kids who have a great memory will lower the chances of Alzheimer. Vitamin B 1 along with thiamine embedded in Pinto beans is one of the main reasons on why it is considered to be a great source of brain food.

Pinto Beans

5} Detoxifies the body in a natural manner

The body needs to be detoxified on a regular basis to get rid of unwanted materials from the body. Pinto beans are incorporated with a mineral known as molybdenum which contributes to the detoxification of the body. So now there is no need to rely on artificial products as consumption of pinto beans in moderate amounts is going to do the trick.

6} Improvement in functioning of the nervous system

It is not all about the memory, but the functioning of the nervous system will improve with consumption of Pinto beans. A healthy nervous system is going to eradicate the chances of a cognitive decline.  It is therefore recommended to consume pinto beans at a young age.


7} Anaemia is treated in a natural manner

Any baby could suffer from the symptom of lack of sleep and this indicates Anaemia. In hindsight you could be suffering from deficiency of iron as well. It is suggested that you increase the intake of foods rich in iron. Pinto beans which are a rich source of iron could take stock of red blood cells and keep Anaemia at bay.

8} Rich source of energy

One of the main reasons on why Pinto beans are considered to be a staple source of food in countries as they are natural energy feeders. The carbohydrates embedded in Pinto beans are a vital source of protein. For someone who does not consider them to be a rich source of energy you can use them with other staple foods like rice

9} Better supply of oxygen

Presence of oxygenated cells will leave you with more energy. The cells can function at an optimum level without the need of oxygen. In red blood cells haemoglobin brings in oxygen. Pinto beans ensure that there is sufficient amount of red blood cells to be distributed throughout the body.

10} Enhances blood flow

There are innumerable benefits with healthy flow of blood. The arteries or veins are not supposed to work overtime like the heart. The healthy pace of your heart has an impact on the entire metabolism system. The blood also supplies in oxygen and each cell in the body is going to need them at an optimal level for functioning.

11} Constipation is a thing of the past

Constipation becomes a pain as you feel so full, and it seems you can do nothing to deal with it. The prevention of it is much easier than treating it. Since pinto beans are an important source of fiber, consumption of it will prevent constipation

To conclude, pinto beans are a great source of energy packed with nutrients, along with plant protein. For all the vegetarians it works out to be a great protein replacement as well. Since there are so many advantages associated with Pinto beans there is hardly anything to worry about the consumption of it.


In the market, it is pretty easy to find pinto beans as they are available in dry or canned form. Since cooking takes some amount of time, the fresh ones work out to be a better option. There are numerous health benefits of Pinto beans.

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