11 Health Benefits of Olives in Your Baby’s Diet


Olives in baby’s diet help in easy digestion, kills lice, otitis, phimosis, gives shiny hair, and also helps in healing surgical sutures and scars.

Olives are one of the typical foods and a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids. The possibilities of olives are combined with their interesting nutritional properties.  In addition to providing energy, they are a natural source of vitamin E, so they exert an antioxidant action in the body. Olive oil is also rich in oleic acid which helps lowers cholesterol levels. Have you considered using olives in your baby’s diet? If not, read on to know the benefits of olives for your little one.

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benefits of Olives

Olives in Baby’s Diet: 11 Health Benefits

If your child is over 2 years old, use them as an ingredient in some of their dishes. If they are younger, olives can be used topically, in the form of oil. Below mentioned are 11 health benefits of olives for your baby’s diet.

Before birth (through the mother):


As babies cannot feed themselves, their mothers have to eat for them. Women who have consumed olive oil during pregnancy, show better levels of height, weight and general development in their babies. Babies have to accumulate significant reserves of vitamin E in the womb by the time they are born and the virgin olive oil contains it.
Taking virgin olive oil during pregnancy helps to regulate blood pressure levels and keeps them strong and healthy with the torrent of antioxidants provided by virgin olive oil. It is also recommended that mothers use an emulsion of olive oil and water to avoid cracks that occur after childbirth (although this is not a direct use for children).

For premature babies:

It is an age-old fact that extra virgin olive oil in the diet of the premature baby is beneficial for their health and future development. As sometimes babies don’t spend enough time inside the mother’s womb and need this superfood to tune up their whole body.

As a moisturizer for the baby:

Your baby’s skin should remain healthy and soft throughout the day, especially after bathing, to keep it hydrated. This helps them sleep well and be happy. Olive works as a good moisturizer for babies skin.



Including olive oil in the baby’s diet helps to avoid constipation. Take some olive oil on your index finger, and gradually apply it into your baby’s anus. It is considered very effective and known to reduce constipation in babies.

Children with atopic skin:

If your baby has eczema, it is a constant worry for the parent. If you are looking for effective solutions to eczema, olive oil proves to be a wonderful remedy. You can directly apply olive oil on your baby’s affected skin or olive oil based soaps.

Kills Lice:

Lice are very annoying, but they always appear. Babies are prone to lice from a very young age. Using olive oil on the scalp can kill lice from beneath and also ensures that it never comes back.

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Get shiny hair:

You can add olive oil both in your baby’s diet as well as apply it on the hair. Regular usage of olive oil will give your baby shiny hair.

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Otitis is a general term to refer to inflammation or infection of the ear. A traditional remedy for otitis of the middle ear is the application of hot olive oil. This remedy is used since ancient times for ear infections in babies.

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Surgical sutures and healing of scars:

Sometimes babies suffer accidents when they are playing or running around. You can use olive oil on these wounded areas to avoid future scars.

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The only real problem with the phimosis in babies is that it is necessary to keep the glans area of the penis clean. The skin around penis should be as elastic as possible to facilitate access. Olive oil has been used for years for this use. Massage the area with olive oil, taking the skin to the point of tension but without pain.

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Olive oil is a natural remedy for the diaper dermatitis of the baby:

Diaper dermatitis is due to several causes like sweat, diapers, etc. A large number of babies suffer from this type of situation; olive oil helps in reducing diaper rash.

Your baby’s good health is the first priority as a parent. Giving your baby a healthy diet in the early stage will inculcate good and healthy eating habits in them and help them grow healthy. Try incorporating olive oil for your baby and see the wonders it does for your little one.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!