11 Amazing Benefits of Niaouli Essential Oil for Kids


Niaouli essential oil has a whole bunch of therapeutic properties and health benefits. From being an analgesic and antiseptic, it also acts as a decongestant and expectorant, and has lots of other properties, which make it ideal for the kids. Kids, as we all know, have a low immune system, and suffer from a host of viral and bacterial infections. Having Niaouli essential oil handy can help in combating with some of these problems.

What is Niaouli?

Niaouli is a huge evergreen tree, and is native to Australia. Due to all the antiseptic and other disinfectant properties in it, it is used widely in making various cosmetics, such as creams, lotions and soaps. The essential oil is extracted from Niaouli by making it go through a steam distillation of soft twigs and fresh leaves. The main ingredients of the oil are:

  • Alpha pinene,
  • Alpha phellandrene,
  • Cineole,
  • Beta pinene,
  • Gamma terpineol,
  • Linalool,
  • Limonene, etc.

11 Must Know Health Benefits of Niaouli Oil for Kids

niaouli oil for kids

Though the oil has lots of health benefits, this article will mainly illustrate on the 11 amazing benefits of Niaouli essential oil for the kids:


Kids suffer from tooth-ache and ear-aches quite frequently. This essential oil has certain pain relieving properties, which makes it a good analgesic. Application of this oil on the problem areas, makes the area numb, and desensitizes it. So, this provides relief from pain, without any side effects.


Kids and wounds can never be kept apart for long. As we know, the open wounds get infected very easily, and can cause various kinds of infections. With Niaouli essential oil, one can inhibit the bacterial growth in such wounds, as it gives a good protection against tetanus, sepsis, and other infections.


Improves strength

Kids need a lot of strength and energy to do the various activities that they indulge in. This essential oil has the balsamic properties that can promote the growth, and also boost the health of the child. With right absorption of nutrients, along with proper distribution throughout the body, it helps in increasing the strength.


Cold and congestion create havoc in a child’s life. And, when they suffer from severe cold and cough, they don’t sleep, nor do they allow the parents to sleep. But, this essential oil helps in opening up the congestion of lungs, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, trachea, and clears out the phlegm deposits. This ensures that the breathing is easier, and good sleep is guaranteed.


Kids suffer from various infections, as they play out in the open, and eat a lot of sweets and chocolates. This can cause coughing bouts, which become irrepressible. Niaouli essential oil also has an expectorant property, which helps in loosening up the phlegm deposits in lungs, larynx, bronchi, and the nasal tracts. So, it gives tremendous relief from the heaviness caused due to cough and congestions.

Effective in bringing down body temperature

The essential oil is also useful in bringing down the body temperature. It fights with the infections, that cause fever and brings down the fever. Also, it detoxifies the blood, providing a faster relief from illnesses.

Stimulating effects

This essential oil is useful in stimulating the blood circulation in the body. By secreting the enzymes, hormones, and other juices, it can stimulate the metabolic process. This can improve the digestion and absorption in the body.

Kills worms and insects

The Niaouli essential oil kills the worms in the intestine. It not only kills the round worms, but also the tape worms inside the tummy. Kids eat a lot of junk food, and have a lot of worms inside their tummy. And, when there are worms inside, it affects the mental and physical growth, and also does not let the nutrients to get absorbed. So, when you use this oil, it can eliminate the worms.


Immunity booster

Kids really need to have a fantastic immunity, so that they are able to stay safe from all infections. Niaouli is a great immunity booster, which can also help with allergic reactions. By enhancing the resistant power in the body, it can fight against infections and improve immunity. You can also use the diffuser for facilitating the aroma of this therapeutic oil around the house. Inhaling the aroma gives good health in the longer run.

Removes scars and pimples

People tend to develop scars, rashes, acne and pimples all the time. And, childhood is no exception. This essential oil helps in diminishing the scars, and leaves the skin free of acne, pimples, and even poxes on the skin. By speeding up the growth of cells and tissues, it gives a refreshing new look to the affected areas.

Heal wounds faster

The oil has wonderful medicinal properties, which can help in healing the wounds faster. When the oil is applied externally, it can protect the wounds from getting infected. It can also heal the internal wounds, ulcers and cuts. By activating the leucocytes, and other platelet particles, it prevents the intervention of microbes. The oil has certain disinfectant properties, which can inhibit the infections caused by microbes.

These were some of the wonderful benefits of Niaouli essential oil. Other than these benefits, the oil can also be used as an insecticide, as it can kill insects, and also as a Bactericidal, as it can effectively kill the bacterial growth and cells. Also, the oil is good for rheumatism, and arthritis, as it can give relief from joint pains.

So, having a bottle of Naiouli essential oil handy at home, will be a good natural therapy, and can help the kids in facing all their childhood related medical problems easily. When kids are active physically and mentally, they will become stronger and sharper.