11 Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds for Pregnant Moms


Although lotus seeds as a part of one’s diet might seem surprising for many, it is one of the healthiest foods to consume, especially if you are expecting a baby. This seed is extracted from the middle portion of the lotus flower. It is eaten mainly in south and south-east Asia. It is packed with lots of nutrients, namely calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, potassium, vitamin B-complexes, amino acids, and lots of antioxidants. These seeds are eaten as ingredients in soups, curries, or are simply deep fried or baked to be eaten as snacks, just like popcorn!

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The main heath benefits of eating lotus seeds during pregnancy are:

11 Health Benefits Of Lotus Seeds For Pregnant Moms

1. Treats insomnia

Pregnancy is a period during which you are likely to suffer from frequent insomnia. This mainly happens due to the changing patterns of your hormones, stress, and changing food habits. Lotus seeds are known to be very good for treating insomnia due to the presence of sedative properties in them. The vitamins and antioxidants regulate your body’s functioning in such a way that sleepiness is triggered when it is time for bed.

2. Prevents diarrhoea

During the early stages of pregnancy, most women go through weird problems with regard to their excretory system. This again happens due to the changes in their hormonal concoction. According to Chinese medical researchers, lotus seeds are an excellent natural remedy to diarrhoea. They are said to increase the strength of your digestive system, hence prevent it from falling prey to hormonal and food related changes.

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Lotus Seeds during pregnancy

3. Controls blood pressure

The embryo found at the core of the lotus seeds has lots of vitamins and cooling effects, which helps keep the blood flow under control. Apart from these, there is also a bitter component present in the seed, called ‘isoquinoline’ alkaloids. This is apparently antispasmodic and has calming effects, hence keeping your blood dilated and reducing blood pressure.

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4. Relieves aching or bleeding gums

Most pregnant women, in the middle stages of pregnancy, experience sore gums due to hormonal changes and expansion in different parts of the body as a result of excess water retention. The vitamin B-complexes and zinc present in lotus seeds can help reduce the swelling and bleeding, if eaten regularly.

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5. Keeps your skin hydrated

Due to expansion, it is common for you to experience flaky and dry skin during pregnancy. Lotus seeds increase the elasticity of your skin and erase lines, spots, and wrinkles. Moisturisers can help hydrate your skin, but it is more important to keep yourself hydrated from inside. Lotus seeds help you keep your skin hydrated from within the subcutaneous tissues.


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6. Controls weight

The pregnancy weight gain might get to you at times! However, you cannot reduce the amount of food you eat. It is vital to eat well so that your baby grows well. Lotus seeds contain a low glycaemic index and lots of minerals that make you feel full after eating only a little. Hence, it is a wonderful food to snack on, when you feel those constant hunger pangs.

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7. Keeps blood sugar under control

Pregnancy is s time during which your blood sugar may spike due to the changes in your hormones and heightened level of stress and excitement. Lotus seeds contain high levels of vitamin B-complexes, fibre, and a low level of calories. These properties of these seeds help burn calories and lower the level of glucose in your blood.

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8. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

During pregnancy, your body’s constitution is rather fragile and needs constant nutrition. This is because your vital hormones are changing form. Apart from that, if your vaginal secretion is left lurking inside your underwear for long hours, it might lead to infections in your urinary tract. Eating a bowl lotus seeds daily can reduce this risk by nearly 20%. Try including these seeds in your stews and soups. You can also munch on them whenever you crave a late night binge.


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9. Increases energy

Pregnancy might leave you feeling tired and fatigued due to those changing hormones and weight gain. Lotus seeds contain an array of vitamins, protein, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron, all of which are excellent agents to improve your energy levels. They help in better digestion and thereby burn the extra fats and glucose in your blood.

10. Boosts immunity

Lotus seeds, as by now you know, contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost your overall health conditions. During pregnancy, you are likely to feel weak and hence you keep falling ill. All these nutrients present in lotus seeds strengthen your immunity system and help your baby develop well by absorbing them.

11. Enhances the overall development of your foetus

Protein is essential for the overall development of your foetus. It helps in the growth of your baby’s brain and central nervous system. Lotus seeds contain a good amount of proteins, fibre, and vitamins that help in healthy development of the baby inside the womb. The vitamins help the baby absorb the nutrients from the foods that you eat daily.

Now you know the marvel of these innocent yet massively healthy seeds! If you are already worried about gaining those extra pounds post-pregnancy, munch on munch on lotus seeds when you are hungry nowadays. Lotus seeds contain a minimal quantity of fats and carbohydrates, helping you keep in shape. They are also tasty when baked to perfection, making them the perfect pregnancy snacks. Along with that, imagine your foetus growing into fine and healthy baby!

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